Best Outdoor Automatic Pet FeedersAutomatic pet feeders are here to save the day for busy pet owners. Have you ever wanted to take a vacation or had to leave on an unexpected business trip but couldn’t go because of your pets all alone, and they’ll get hungry? Well, now you can just let them roam freely in the house and let them eat their regular meals with automatic pet feeders.

Automatic pet feeders exist with the sole purpose of feeding your pets their food on time. You just enter the details like several meals, the number of portions and the most importantly of all, when to dispense the goodies. Your pet will asmart purchase.

Now there are different automatic feeders like outdoor automatic cat feeders and outdoor automatic dog feeders, but they don’t matter because most can be used.

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Best Outdoor Automatic Pet Feeders (Cat & Dog) 2020

In the following list, you’ll see why these automatic pet feeders are the best of the best. You’ll see why they will be a relief to you and a joy for the pet as they will have their meals and will also develop a good eating habit, and because of that they will have a good healthy life, what more can any pet owner want?

1) JOYTOOL Automatic Pet Feeder

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Your pet won’t feel alone or hungry when your away with this gem of a feeder. This product was built to compensate for your absence with its automatic feeding properties. While you’ll be away, the JOYTOOL will keep your pet company and will continue to feed it for several days.

The product is easily programmable for even people that haven’t dealt with pet feeders before. You can set how many meals a day your pet will be eating, how much portions will be in the feed, if you want to play your recording during feeding times, and even dispense it manually if you’re at home.

It has a significant amount of capacity when it comes to storing food. With a size of 1-39 portions, your pet will be eating for days. Depending on the pet, around 2-4 portions is the right amount for any small-sized animal. In this way, the pet won’t go hungry for a long time. However, this feeder is only suitable for dispensing dry food; otherwise, any other form will spoil, ruining your pet’s edibles.

Afraid that your pet won’t get used to the new feeder? Well, you can ease their anxiety by recording a meal call in advance, and whenever the feeder dispenses the meal, it’ll playback your voice and make your pets scurry to the machine, letting them know that the device is there to feed them and to remind them of you while you’re away.

There is an inbuilt infrared detection mechanism that pours out the set amount of portions, avoiding clogging and overflowing of food, making an excellent meal for your pets.

The mains voltage supply powers the feeder. In the case that the power goes out, you can fit in D-batteries that will fill in until the power comes back on, ensuring that your feeder doesn’t turn off during feeding times.

The product is easily detachable, making it easy for you to put it anywhere you want. It’s also effortless to clean, lessening the hassle of hygiene for your pet’s meals. It has anti-slip design, just in case your pet tries anything funny and starts tackling or knocking down the feeder, the machine will surely hold its ground.

The only downside to this product is that it caters to small pets; anything larger will have a hard time filling its belly with this machine.

A product worthy of purchase and we’re sure your pets will agree, the feeder gives you more features than your typical pet feeder offers, and you’ll see why it was a worthy purchase in the long run.


  • Humanized design
  • Voice recorder and Speaker
  • 5g-195g per meal
  • Large Capacity Hopper
  • Infrared detection
  • Powered by Battery and Adapter
  • Intelligent Detection
  • Designed for medium and small-sized cats and dogs

2) Iseebiz Automatic Pet Feeder

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There are pet feeders, then their automatic feeders, and lastly, there are smart automatic feeders, and this product is one of them. You won’t have to worry about leaving your pets hungry when you’re unavailable, with the Iseebiz Automatic Pet Feeder.

The feeder can store a massive amount of food in it, almost 3L, eliminating the need to refill the machine again and again. You can leave your machine for days at a time without the worry of the pets going hungry. This product can serve up to 8 meals a day. Each meal can contain up to 1 to 20 portions per meal, satisfying the hunger of even the hungriest of household critters.

To avoid food from falling out, the machine has smart infrared detection technology that prevents the food from clogging within the chute or overflowing in the dispensing bowl. This will make sure your stored food doesn’t run out too fast, or your pet doesn’t overfeed itself.

There’s even a voice recorder that helps your pets familiarize themselves with the product. Whenever it’s feeding time, the speaker goes off with your recording, and your pets will hurry towards their next meal.

The Iseebiz Automatic Feeder can run on both the adaptor and batteries. You never know when the next city’s power outage may occur, and you’ll need to be prepared for when it happens. If your main power outlet doesn’t supply the product with power, then do not fret, for the batteries will kick in and keep the feeder going for months, letting nothing come between your pets and their feeding time.

Instead of setting up meal timings on the machine, you can download the exclusive app upon your purchase and can program all your details in there. The app will notify your machine when it’s feeding time and also keep track of which feeding times have been initialized. The app is simple to use; it’s entirely secure, available to you for a lifetime, and is easy enough to initialize. With the new age, you should be feeding your pets. In modern fashion too!

Your Pet-friendly feeder is also extremely easy to set up, comparatively light compared to other feeders, effortless to clean and pretty to look at, what more do you want from a pet feeder?


  • Product is app-controlled.
  • Voice recording and speaker for a feeding reminder.
  • Infrared Induction.
  • Easy setup and detachability.
  • Deficient power consumption.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • Appealing Design.

3) Homdox 7L Feeder & Food Dispenser

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Everyone is beyond busy these days, and for pet owners, that is a problem. Luckily, products like the HomDox Automatic Pet feeder was made just for these pet owners.

Coming in a variety of sizes from 3.5 L, 6L, and 7L, you can choose whichever you fancy, but we’d recommend the 7L option because it encompasses all dimensions of cats and dogs, and you can just add more food instead of constantly refilling it. As they say, bigger is better.

Once you pour in the edibles for your pet, you don’t need to worry about the food going rotten because the lid is airtight and will make sure that your food stays extra fresh and preserved.

The HomDox can feed your pet up to 4 times a day, and each meal can be dispensed from 1 to 39 portions of dry food. You can program how much your pet needs in the easy to set up feeding time to make sure your pet develop a healthy eating habit.

If you want your pet to think of you whenever it’s eating its heart away, you can record a message on the machine that will play back your recording to alert your pet that its feeding time. This will let the pet get comfortable with the machine and will make the pet feel as if you’ve never left.

This product comes with infrared Technology that lets it detect the way the food is being dispensed. In short, it prevents the food portions from clogging in the machine and avoids overflowing the bowl. This ensures no food is wasted, and your pets get the parts they need to keep fit and healthy.

Usually, the automatic feeder runs on a plug outlet, but due to any unforeseen mishap, you can plug in three D-sized batteries that will fill in until the power comes back. You won’t have to worry about the machine shutting down with its alternative power source.

The machine is straightforward to set up, you can plug it in and Viola, you’re done. The only thing you’ll need to do is fit in is the food tray, which is both easily removable and cleanable.

With its sleek design, a guarantee of quality, and a plethora of features, we’re pretty sure you’ll be on the lookout for this product for your pets.


  • Locking Lid that keeps food fresh.
  • Voice recording for mealtime reminder.
  • Infrared controlled feeding.
  • Simple layout.
  • Runs on both Adapter and 3-D size batteries
  • Large food capacity up to 7L.
  • Ornamental design.
  • It comes in various sizes.
  • Removable feedtray.

4) PetSafe Automatic 2 Meal Feeder

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If you want to keep it simple and want your pets to eat normal proportions, then this product is right up your lane. With its two meal containers, you can let go of your worries about having to feed your pet.

You can place the pet food in the container and set the timer for two meals, from one hour to four days. With this, you don’t have to fret over if your pet is hungry or not. Each container holds up to 1.5 cups of dry and semi-dry food, giving your small to medium-sized pet a meal that will their bellies up.

With solid lids, they protect the food from going rotten, and they will shield the food from any external factors. That also means protecting it from any naughty pets trying to break it open. It’s made to be pet-proof and to keep prying paws from stealing the portions.

Due to the size of this feeder, it is incredibly mobile, and you can place it anywhere you like; it’s a god-sent for people with small apartments. Let’s not forget the fact that the design is stylish, so it’ll look good anywhere you place it.

The two plastic meal trays easy to remove and are dishwater washable. You don’t have to follow complicated instructions to wash it. Instead, you can clean it yourself or just pop it in the dishwater for an easy clean.

The PetSafe Automatic feeder runs on 1 A.A. Battery. You don’t have to worry about it sucking up the juice, the feeder runs on months with just one battery. When the battery becomes low, the feeder will notify by displaying L.B. meaning low battery to tell the owner that new cells are in order.

If you’re scared that the lid might open and hit your eagerly waiting pet, then do worry, for it will give three alarm sounds that will scare your pet just a few steps back so that it may open without it hurting the pet.

For its simplicity and design, this is the container to buy for your pets like PetSafe 5 Meal Feeder.


  • Timer-based feeding.
  • Can hold up to 1.5 cups of dry food
  • Extremely portable.
  • Battery Operated
  • Removable Dishwater safe trays
  • Sound Alerts before opening.

5) WOPET Feeder & Food Dispenser

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Coming in top ten for both best cat feeders and dog feeders in the catalog, shows just how popular this product is among pet owners, and for a good reason too, this product gives the best features to its consumers.

The WOPET pet feeder lets you plan four meals a day for your pet, ensuring that your pet is well fed using the built-in programming. You can program the meal timings with the buttons that you’ll find on the LCD screen. You can turn on any of the four meals; you can confirm the meal size and the meal timings.

This feeder has an astonishing large capacity to hold your pet’s food and can keep dispensing it for days. You have the option of storing up to 20 cups of food for your pet. You have the option of moving the food size rotator that helps you in determining how much food you want to dispense. For small portions, it can apportion from 5g to 195g, and for more significant portions, it’ll allocate 10g to 390g.

Infrared Technology helps the feeder in determining if the food will overflow if it’s dispensing in the bowl, and it also stops the food from getting stuck in the chute.

The hygienic feeding tray is easily removable and easily washable as well. You can put it in the dishwasher and not worry about a spot on your feeding tray.

The WOPET is powered through your conventional means of the power plug. In case the power goes out, the 3-D sized batteries will kick in, and the feeder will continue to function as if nothing happened.

You can record a message for your pet for feeding time. By recording a message for your pet, you’ll indirectly know its feeding time, and it rushes towards the feeder, establishing a healthy eating habit.

The design of this product is beautiful, and you can virtually place it in any environment, and it’ll still look appealing to look at.

This product offers the best in the best in its category, and add customer service, and you’ve got yourself a great deal.


  • Easily programmable feeding times.
  • Adapter powered and battery-powered.
  • Record a custom message.
  • Large capacitance to hold food.
  • It is designed for all manner of household pets.
  • Infrared Detection Technology.
  • Lustrous design.

Outdoor Automatic Dog Feeder With Timer

If you want your dog to roam freely in the backyard or in the open field and don’t want to worry about buttons and a panel. When the time finally comes, the feeder makes the food available to your dog.Most automatic dog feeders aren’t suited for outdoor dispensing because there are different factors at work. External factors such as weather always damage the dog feeders. Other than that, there’s always the fear of creepy crawlies going up the chute and contaminating the food.As dogs come in different shapes and sizes, it’s best to buy a feeder that will be enough to feed your dog throughout the different planned meals. It’s always better to invest in a bigger dog feeder to get that hassle out of the way.One of the best outdoor dog feeders would be the PetSafe Automatic Dog Feeder. With its simple timer programming, you can set the timing of the meal and not worry about it for days. With its two meal trays, you’ll ensure that your dog will be well fed throughout the day. It’s extremely resistant, making sure no dog can break it and will only open when the bell rings.

Automatic Pet Feeders For Wet & Dry Food

Automatic pet feeders dispense food on the time you’ve set them on. Most of them deal with dry food, but if there are foods that eaten wet? To solve that, ice packs are used to keep food fresh.Normally, you’ll use any old pet feeders, but the benefit of using ice packs is that the food will stay fresh. You can add one or two ice packs underneath the food to make it wet and fresh for up to forty-eight hours. It’s a good idea to keep your ice packs in your freezer, not to waste them obviously. With these automatic feeders, it’ll be like your pet is eating food right from the refrigerator.The WOPET pet feeder is the best in line to use as a wet food pet feeder. With programmable meals, you can pre-emptively set up the meal timings and can set it up to forty-eight hours You can fit ice packs under the food trays to keep the food fresh. It’s not only great for wet food but also good for dry foods.The PetSafe is a good option too with just setting up your meal timings, putting the ice packs and put the lid on until it’s feeding time. The ice packs will be the key to keeping the food fresh. Just remember to keep putting the ice packs in the refrigerator when not in use, so you can utilize them later.


Are automatic feeders good for pets?

Automatic feeders are a pet’s best friend. The pet owner can’t be available all the time, so that’s where automatic pet feeders come in handy. Just set the timers and the number of meals you want to give to your pet and let the feeder do the work. It’s also good for making the pet develop a good eating habit. 

How does an automatic pet feeder work?

First of all, you’ll need to fill the feeder with the desired food. Then you have to manually set the feeder with a number of buttons to determine the number of meals, portion size, and when the meals will be dispensed. Then the feeder dispenses the food at the time allocated to it.

Are gravity feeders suitable for dogs?

Gravity feeders are generally known as self-dispensing feeders. They are usually used as outdoor pet feeders. They are not suitable for your dog as they may encourage unhealthy eating habits, which will cause the dog to develop health problems.


No matter how you look at it, automatic pet feeders have become a necessity of pet owners all across the world. A pet owner isn’t free all the time, and due to obligations to other areas in life, he must leave the house for days on end, but this is troublesome for pet owners as no one will be there to take care and feed their pets. That’s where pet feeders come in.

With their easy to set up meal dispensing programs, you can just fill the feeders and let the machine do all of the work. No worry that the pet will go hungry because the whole procedure is automatic. With this list, you cannot go wrong, as all of these automatic pet feeders have their quality. Each one better than the last, you can be sure that your pets will be happy with your purchase!

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