Currently, getting a dog proof cat feeder 2021 is not such a complicated task. In the same way that having a pet provides more than love and moments of adventure, there are responsibilities linked to time and commitment.

Best Dog Proof Cat FeedersFeeding a dog, for example, is a daily responsibility. However, this simple task can be difficult for those who manage tight agendas, using the safe of the automatic timed feeders.

When one or two cats share the space, they should not become uphill to train them to learn to eat directly from the bowls, but in the presence of a canine, there is a possibility of conflict.

For that, precisely, there are feeding stations for dog proof cats, to prevent the second snooping in the food of the first and develop bad eating habits or disorders in the regimes established by its owner.

Best Dog Proof Cat Feeders & Feeding Stations Reviews 2021

A common question how to keep dog from eating cat food people ask to me, So, here we pick the top 5 dog safe cat feeders which you can use for kitty any time. So, set back and read the reviews of dog proof cat feeders.


SureFeed Pet Feeder with Microchip – Our Top Pick

The SureFeed Pet Feeder with Microchip 2021 is ideal for homeowners who have their home full of pets and face the most common problem, feed theft among all of them.

To overcome this disappointment, which honestly can overwhelm anyone’s patience. The dog proof cat feeding stations works precisely with a collar identifier called RFID that communicates with the feeder and opens the compartment for a specific pet.

The SureFeed, in addition to entering the list of feeders for cats that keep dogs out, is useful for those who must follow a specific diet.

With a capacity to house up to 5 kilos of food, distributed between dry and wet foods, the station is also characterised by its hermetic neoprene lid, which retains moisture and keeps the food in good condition.

All the secrecy that accompanies the unit prevents theft of food between cats and dogs, especially in homes where three and up to four animals of both species live together.

In addition to the above, the SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder helps manage the portions, keep the pet safe and well-fed, with the weight under control. The selectivity also affects the economy, since there will be no overfeeding and no extra money will be spent on feed.

Since it works with a chip, it is important to determine the type and programming. Generally, the industry is guided by quite similar standards and the SureFeed, attached to that rule, starts to walk thanks to a microchip of 9 (Avid Secure), 10 or 11 digits (known as FDXA and FDXB, respectively).

As for programming, this cat feeder is not a mystery to unveil. The unit opens when the collar-related identifier detects the presence of the cat using the included electronic tag.

In that sense, it is only necessary to “scan” the collar on the unit and test it a couple of times before placing the food inside the tank.

It is important to add that this dog proof cat feeder is made with an “intruder mode” function that detects when there is one of the perimeters while the other is eating. When this happens, the unit closes and does not open again until it stops detecting you.

It is safe for children and pets, the lid that connects the bowl with the press unit enough to keep intruders away, but not to the end of hurting the animals’ nose or legs.

SureFeed Pet Feeder with Microchip

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Felines Only Purrfect Cat Dish

It is clear that the main objective of Felines Only Purrfect Cat Dish is to keep any intruder out of the cat’s food. This preparation is the result of the vision of a veterinarian, which in the end has resulted in a good investment for customers.

The Purrfect brand dog proof cat bowl keeps food in place, preventing spills and unpleasant odours. As for the ease of cleaning, it is a pleasure for customers to find out about their compatibility with the dishwasher.

Regarding the design, this feeder is made with two special cat bowls that include rubber ear pads and a double-sided heat to adapt with stability.

According to the product description, this article is the result of a veterinary investigation to discourage dogs from approaching food or medication from the kittens, hence its innovative unit, hermetic lid with a perfect hole to fit the animal’s head.

Unlike the previous cat feeder, it does not work with meal schedules. The entire trick that is used to keep intruders away is a plastic hood that prevents access from them.

Despite being completely manual, several concerns disappear when acquired, especially about animal diets, their schedules and feed intakes throughout the day. A plus of this article is that it is built entirely with non-toxic materials, topped by a non-slip base that allows, in turn, mounting it in any corner of the house.

The dimensions of the base are 22 centimetres x 17 centimetres x 45 centimetres high and long, so the space it occupies is not too significant either. The weight of just 500 grams also adds points to this purchase.

Certainly, the Felines Only Purrfect Cat Dish is not the most sophisticated product on the market, as it is also true that it requires more effort on the part of the owner to control food rations. However, all that is compensated by a design that keeps intruders in place.

Felines Only Purrfect Cat Dish

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PetSafe 5 Meal Food Dispenser – Runner Up

As with the rest of its products, PetSafe designed one of the best automatic dog proof cat feeders, with the most accurate timer on the market, also appealing for a unique and practical design that provides five feed stations for animals.

In that sense, the Meal Automatic Dispenses is assembled so that it can feed a pet five times, with four programmable meals from the first ration.

It has a digital timer which means owner will not have to worry about whether their cat does not eat or, on the contrary, eats in excess, since this stopwatch allows establishing a diet with increments of one hour between each bite.

In that sense, everyone can schedule it to distribute the five equal portions five times a day, a daily meal for five days or two meals every day for a day and a half. Everything will depend on what makes them feel comfortable and suits the needs of the pussycat.

As regards the structure, the base of this PetSafe 5-Meal Pet Feeder is made of resistant polypropylene, divided into five compartments whose capacity houses a cup of dry feed and a tight-fitting lid that only makes the current ration available to the cat.

It is a really easy product to program and, like the previous feeders; it can be disassembled for the dishwasher, making cleaning easier. It works with four detachable D-cell batteries – not included in the package – and has a one-year warranty.

Among the great advantages with which the PetSafe 5 Meal Automatic Dispenses is assembled, it is worth highlighting the accuracy of its digital timer, although the ease of its programming and operation is also admirable, especially if the chronometer that calculates the hours of the dispenser is considered It does not have to restart every day.

This advantage allows owners to take a break in their cat’s routines for at least two days. Likewise, and what adds more than practicality, is that it is a dog proof cat bowl because it has only one tray per meal, deterring the company of any other animal.

It is a robust structure that the cat cannot dump. However, to ensure this one hundred per cent, the tray has a good grip on the inferred part that holds it to any corner of the interior.

PetSafe 5 Meal Food Dispenser

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Wireless Whiskers AutoDiet Pet Feeder

Another way of how to prevent the dog from eating cat food comes from this sophisticated Wireless Whiskers AutoDiet Pet Feeder trough, whose characteristics will not only help with canine presences but also when more than two cats live together in the same space.

This dog proof cat feeder works intelligently to keep the company away from outside feed, thanks to a wireless tag that is installed on the cat’s collar and scanned with the feeder unit.

The structure is designed with a bowl attached to two airtight lids that only open when the system detects the tag on the cat. When it moves away, the floodgates close guarding the rest of the good feed-in condition.

Currently, this dog proof cat feeder is only available for dry food, although Wireless Whiskers is also armed with an interesting amount of automatic feeders for wet food if the case arises that the cat must have a special diet.

One of the most prominent features of this article is the calculation of rations it makes during each meal. The Wireless Whiskers Automatic Cat Feeder provides neither more nor less than necessary, and the unit can accommodate an amount of food for up to 20 different portions. To carry out this function, it is only necessary to program the meals with the buttons of the unit, which will also serve to predetermine the day-to-day schedules.

The Wireless Whiskers works with an AC adapter but also starts up with 4xD batteries as a backup. Also, since the unit houses so much space for food, two or three cats can be scanned at the same time and thus save money.

An advantage of getting this automatic feeder is that portion regulation is programmed to meet the daily intake standards that small and adult cats need equally; and once you recognise them with the identifier, release the correct ration in the tray.

This is, fundamentally, the most sophisticated of the product, as well as its warning alarm when you notice that, among the dogs, one is eating more than the other.

The Wireless Whiskers automatic feeder can be programmed manually to adapt the schedules most conveniently or automatically. Following the patterns of the equipment. However, the final decision is from the client.

Finally, this product has a 30-day money-back guarantee on unused parts and a 180-day warranty in case of detecting any malfunction with the unit.

Wireless Whiskers AutoDiet Pet Feeder

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Old Tjikko Feeding Station

With this automatic feeder, Old Tjikko Feeding Station will be incredibly easy to keep cat food away from the dog thanks to its default programming and adaptability.

Designed with high quality materials, non-toxic to the cat, this Old Tijikko brand dispenser is characterised by being ecological and recyclable, in addition to linking with what matters: the functional use for cats and dogs.

It is more than easy and convenient to use once it has been assembled, although this process does not constitute such an intricate challenge. Just skip filling the unit with food or water – according to the purpose of the purchase – and schedule it for the supply of feed throughout the day.

To fill it, the owners must only open the lid of the top of the container and deposit there up to 4 kilos of food, then remove the non-slip base and fix it again to the base.

This dog proof cat feeder works with a spiral valve with springs that stop any leakage. Also, with the help of the non-slip base, the cat will be prevented from hitting it.

It is a practical cat feeder, simple to install and easy to clean. However, one of the most frequent inconveniences that buyers have about this dispenser is that it cannot be washed in the dishwasher. Cleaning must be manual, and it is recommended to do it once or twice a week. You keep cat food away from dog with this feeder.

Given the containment of feed that can house the product, it is also designed with a gravity tool that guarantees the permanence of water and dry food, especially for those who need to be away from home throughout the day.

Finally, it should be noted that while this dispenser is automatic, it does not so sophisticatedly regulate meal times. That is, as the tray becomes empty, the feeder deposits more feed in the tray. Therefore, it is not a recommended product for animals that are on a diet.

Old Tjikko Feeding Station

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Benefits of Using Dog Proof Feeders For Cats in 2021

Why Shouldn’t You Let Your Pup Eat Cat Food?

As much as it is about pet food, the truth is that the components of cat feed and dog croquettes are opposed, especially in the nutritive and digestion part. Therefore, and for the following reasons, both should not be allowed to share a tray of food.

Alternative Approaches to keep Food away from Dogs

If the DIY dog proof cat feeder does not work with total effectiveness, the owners can resort to other ideas as simple as effective to train both animals and teach them their places inside the house.

Final words

Certainly, the fact that cats and dogs live in one house can be a more or less chaotic idea, therefore, dictating eating habits is a very effective way to keep them happy, calm and trained. The cat feeders that keep dogs out have food programming features, effectively help with these processes, without being excessively invasive or drastic.