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Today, automatic cat feeders like Wopet 7L 2020 have become a necessary accessory in the home and have gained a lot of popularity worldwide. This is because every day, there are many more people who need having to leave their pets alone during long hours of the day and even at night.

If you have been looking for an automatic pet feeder, you no longer have to continue on this search. Today we will introduce the automatic pet feeder WOpet 7L pet feeder, which for your peace of mind and that of your pet has a lot of advantages, which makes it the most suitable and versatile of all.

Specially designed to provide food for dogs and large animals, the automatic pet feeder WOpet 7L pet feeder has a tank with capacity for several liters of dry food. Thanks to this, your pet has the opportunity to be able to several times a day, according to the schedules that are previously established.

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WOpet 7L Auto Pet Feeder Review 2020

The WOpet 7L Auto Pet Feeder can be configured with different warnings, and you can record 10”of audio so you can announce to your pet the time you have to eat.

This feeder works with batteries so that it can be placed anywhere. Likewise, the memory of its configuration is always maintained so that the data is not erased when the batteries are changed.

Features of WOpet 7L

The WOpet 7L pet feeder is characterized mainly by being able to enrich the life of your pet so that you have a healthy and very happy life. Likewise, it helps you feel confident that your pet is being fed properly no matter where you are.

You have to make sure your pet takes their food automatically during the four hours they are personalized daily. This automatic food dispenser can be equipped with three “D” size batteries so that you can be assured that your hairy will be treated at all times.

As the food is dispensed, your pet will feel excited while eating and listening to his voice through the message you leave recorded, to get his attention and encourage him to eat while you are absent.

Pros & Cons

Below are some of the pros and cons of this cat feeder:


  • Easy setup
  • Very well built and polished design
  • You can customize the size of meals, as well as your schedule and numbers.
  • You can see how much food is left through its transparent lid.
  • Its lid prevents in case of turning that the food can spill
  • It can work with power and battery.


  • The voice message recording does not have enough volume for the pet to hear from anywhere.
  • Large dry foods cannot be placed as the feeder becomes clogged, preventing food from leaving.
  • If the backup batteries are not used, in the event of a power failure, the programming data may be lost.
  • It can get stuck with very large format foods.
  • If backup batteries are not used, their programming can easily be lost.

WOpet 7L Pet Feeder Manual Instructions

If you need to be able to dispense a large amount of food for your pet, automatic pet feeder WOpet 7L pet feeder 2020 has the capacity you require. Its capacity of 7 liters allows you to place up to 20 cups of dry food for your pet, being able to schedule up to 4 daily meals.

You can program the portion size for food, allowing this to establish regular routines during the day, without having to suffer any stress.

This automatic food dispenser offers you the option of being able to customize the portion sizes, being able to serve the pet portions that can range from two teaspoons to 4-5 cups. Care must be taken that the food granules must be between 0.2 and 0.6”in diameter for the feeder to work.

The WOpet 7L offers the possibility of recording a short voice message, which will arrive according to the schedule to alert your pet about the time to eat. If you are looking for cheap suggestion go for Petmate Pet cafe feeder review.

You have to press and hold the microphone button for three seconds and start recording your message, which will be played automatically when the food starts to be dispensed.

It also comes with a backup battery to give a guarantee of operation even if a power failure occurs. It also has an interior compartment that is removable and can be placed in the dishwasher, thus facilitating cleaning. It comes with two dishes, one for small portions and one for large portions, which are used according to the user’s needs.

It should be noted that the WOpet 7L has a very advanced infrared detection technology so that food can be spilled and clogged in the hole. This fits dry foods in various ways, not exceeding its size 0.39 “* 0.39” / 1cm * 1cm).

How to set up Meal Schedule:

Before making the programming, the size of this must first be made, which can be between 1 and 39 portions, each portion is about 10 gr.

To program automatic pet feeder WOpet 7L pet feeder you must:

  • First, set the clock to your current schedule.
  • Select the meal schedule, for example, breakfast using military time.
  • Choose the number of the size of the food to serve at breakfast (for example, number 2 is equivalent to 20 gr.).
  • Then follow these same steps for the other meals to be scheduled for the rest of the day, that is, lunch, snack, and

Once all meals have been programmed, these will be repeated daily, and the backup batteries should be placed to maintain the configuration and operation in the event of a power outage. Similarly, the food dispenser has a button to turn it on and off in case you don’t want it to work. For more suggestion you can see Wireless Whiskers cat feeder review.


Using the WOpet 7L pet feeder, both you and your pet can be calm all the time as far as your food is concerned. You have to keep in mind that if you have to go on a trip for several days, you should ask a trusted person to fill it out.

Following the instructions, programming is extremely easy. The feeder has many very useful functions, which must be configured through its high-quality LCD screen so that it can feed the pet regularly and with great precision.

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