Millions of people decide to share their lives with pets that’s why automatic cat feeder wet food refrigerated is important for them. However, although these little friends become a family group, not everyone has enough time to attend them twenty-four hours a day.

Fortunately, there are more and more tools that help control and guarantee the quality of life of each pet. Especially if it is the most common specimens that live in a home: cats and dogs.

The latter, due to their degree of dependence on human contact, can hustle more day to day work, while cats are, in their way, a less demanding family member.

Even so, following their feline needs, pet tooling companies designed the automatic cat feeder for chilled wet food. Ideal device to control, program, and meet the nutritional requirements of these children at exact times and with the appropriate regularity.

Acquiring them in any of its versions does not guarantee only the tranquility of the owners. There are a whole handful of advantages related to these devices, within which it is worth highlighting its quality and functionality.

Also, these stockpiles or dispensers can protect in good condition from feed to canned wet food, premium croquettes, jellies, or pates. Many of them include a refrigerator that keeps food fresh for longer feeding intervals.

With the list of refrigerated cat feeder 2020 that will be presented below, people interested in buying a store for their cats will be able to evaluate the most prominent characteristics of each product and make a wise decision.

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Top 5 Best Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food Refrigerated Reviews 2020

In this guide, we discuss about automatic cat feeder wet food refrigerated and these top 5 feeders are picked based on reviews, ratings and personal experience as well.

Each of the models was selected according to the three filters that customers consider most frequently before buying an item: quality, functionality, and price.

1) Cat Mate C20 2 Bowl Pet Feeder with Ice Pack

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The Cat Mate C20 is designed to feed one or two cats and, failing that, for small dogs, keeping them well provided with wet food for short/intermediate periods.

Ideal for those owners who must be out of every day, or schedule departures on weekends, the CatMate C20 is not only intended as an automatic wet feeder but also complements its functions when programming a convenient diet for each pet.

Its features comprise much more, and, currently, it offers an extremely outstanding quality-functionality relationship.


Unlike previous CatMate models, which allow you to store a single serving of food, the C20 version has two trays that serve two rations for one cat or one ration for two cats. Everything depends on the number of felines.

Both compartments keep food fresh thanks to its interchangeable ice packs that are installed in the unit with tremendous simplicity, just below the trays.

To activate it, it is only necessary to configure the analog clocks of each tray, at intervals ranging from 24 to 48 hours. This product works with a double A battery, rechargeable or not that is not included in the package.

Since the trays do not share the same clock, the owners will have the possibility to choose the full schedule. However, if your goal is to design a regular diet, it is best to set up twin schedules.


The Cat Mate C20, in terms of design, does not propose an astronomical change, but, as mentioned above, the addition of a second tray is remarkable.

This wet food refrigerated is made of sturdy plastic, and its presentation in light tones white stands out adapts to many types of tile or material that build the countertops of a kitchen.

Its compact design is also ideal for all types of space. The dimensions of the C20 model correspond to 10×4 x 3.4 x 8.5 inches, and its net weight is just over 450 grams (approximately one pound). How their compartments are arranged also becomes convenient when cleaning, with the help of a dry or semi-damp cloth.

Although it works with analog clocks, it is not recommended to install it in outdoor openings unless appropriate measures are taken.


The trays of this dispenser allow to have 450 grams of food in each of them; that is, 900 grams in total. This means a sufficient amount of feed or canned food for a day or two, depending on the frequency of intake of each cat.

The ice packs included in the unit are available at any physical store or online that you sell under the Cat Mate brand, and their replacement intervals depend on each owner.


  • One of the most outstanding tasks of this dispenser is its programming times greater than 24 hours, which is enhanced by keeping the food fresh and in good during that time and more.
  • Its constitution is designed with good quality plastic, resistant and compact and, although the color catalog is not so vast, the available options match any other surface.
  • The double trays allow you to have dry and wet food for the cat, and its design makes this product easy to program.


  • Battery is an issue
  • Also, how some cats can remove the tray from the unit added to the common complaints if it is not place proper.

Despite being a very good rated feeder and wet food refrigerated, other failures related to the timer or battery life were also noted.

2) Petzilla Automatic Pet Feeder for Dry and Wet Food

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Another refrigerated wet cat food dispenser that deserves a place on the list is the “double tray,” Petzilla brand. Equipped with a countdown timer, its compartments are designed to program two wet or dry meals in lapses no greater than 48 hours.

Like the previous model, the trays of Petzilla Automatic Pet Feeder have the function of keeping the minions provided with their feed rations, canned, jellied, or pureed. With this at home, the owners will not worry about feeding their cats again and can leave them alone for a couple of days.

These benefits bring together others related to the good feeding of the cat and contribute to establishing eating routines, healthy and convenient for their entire development.

As an automatic refrigerated wet food cat feeder, it includes ice packs that keep food fresh and in good condition, especially canned and moist / semi-moist foods that tend to break down faster than feed.


It is a feeder for cats of two trays that, using an analog clock, allows to time two portions at any time of the day and in 48 hours.

To start it up, you only need to install the two double-A batteries required by the unit and turn it on. In the lower part of the trays, the ice bags are installed, but first, it will be necessary to refrigerate them in the refrigerator so that they are maintained enough.

At the time of installation, it is recommended to choose a dry, cool place away from the outside. Also, it is important not to bring it too close to damp walls, and, in case of problems with stability, a wooden board will be the solution.

The timer works with analog clocks in which you can set the exact times of both meals. Many owners choose to pour feed on one and wet food on another. However, this is an entirely personal decision.

Once the bowls are empty, they are cleaned with wet towels. For the safety of the pet, you are urged not to use chemicals. Also, and for the safety of the unit, it is forbidden to immerse it in water or put it in the dishwasher.


This Petzilla model is made with two sturdy plastic trays. Both trays are covered by navy blue covers, which close and open according to the established mealtimes.

Its dimensions include 27 x 24 x 7.5 centimeters, and the net weight is 900 grams. Currently, this model is only available in white and its navy blue caps, as mentioned.


The trays are designed to store up to 10 ounces of wet cat food, and an approximate 400 grams of dry feed. Although there is no real impediment, it is not recommended to load one of the compartments with water.


  • The feature that stands out above this automatic cat feeder refrigerated wet food is its programming capacity. When many in the market are inaccurate to open the compartment, it does so perfectly.
  • The installation and use of the stopwatch are easy to memorize and, once the period is over, it will be enough to restart the count.


  • Too light for larger cats.

In turn, many users agree on how complicated it is for cats to adapt to this feeding system, despite greatly resembling others in the market.

3) Cat Mate C300 Automatic 3 Meal Pet Feeder

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Increasing the bet, Cat Mate C300 pet feeder allows you to configure three regular rations of dry or wet food in 24 hours.

Cat Mate C300 is designed with a perfect digital timer to maintain accuracy in terms of food delivery times. Thus, it will be easier to subject the gluttonous cats to the regime and help the most rebellious in their routine.

The unit is incredibly strong, and the covers close tightly until the system sets its opening. However, to offer an ideal service, CatMate extends a 3-year warranty to its customers.


This refrigerated automatic pet feeder is armed with a programmable LCD control for the clock and feeding schedules. Since it is automatic, its usage settings are more extensive and require more precise instructions. They can be found in an installation and operation manual that accompanies the package.

With the C300 model, not to be confused with the CatMate C3000, it is possible to serve three meals a day, but unlike the last two, it is only possible to do it for 24 hours.

This feature, taken as a disadvantage, is significantly reinforced by its extra ration compartment, which is timed or not timed according to the decisions of each owner.

To carry out the installation, it is necessary to achieve a dry space at room temperature. A kitchen is normally a priori option. But given their resistance to water and dishwashers, others choose a covered porch or any other corner they think is convenient.

The CatMate C300 dispenser works with three double AA batteries that are not included in the delivery package. In any case, this is not a problem since their brand does not influence the operation of the unit. Regarding the battery, the LCD shows the levels and alerts when they are at a minimum.


It is made of white plastic. Its tightly sealed lids are also made of plastic and only open when the stopwatch indicates that it is time to eat.

As for dimensions and weight, the unit is 23.1 x 24.2 x 9 centimeters, and the net volume reaches a little more than 700 grams (1.5 pounds). Despite this, the shape of the trays helps the most greedy cats not access the other food rations.


This refrigerated automatic pet feeder can contain up to 11.8 ounces of dry feed. The same portions are intended for canned, pureed, or wet pates and, once used, can be washed in a dishwasher.


  • The maximum advantage of the CatMate C300 is that it increases the number of daily rations from 2 to 3 – or four if additional food is scheduled. Therefore, and despite being timed for 24 hours, the cat will be better stocked with food.
  • Another aspect that stands out for itself is its modern design. From the digital clock to the additional functions detailed in the instruction manual, they considerably facilitate the process of adaptation to this device and others of the brand.


  • You must have knowledge to use this feeder

4) PAWISE Automatic Pet Feeder

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As an automatic refrigerated wet food cat feeder, the PAWISE Automatic Pet Feeder is one of the most recommended for keeping meals fresh for a longer period. Normally, these extensions reach up to 48 hours, while PAWISE can keep them up to 12 hours later (for a total of 60).

The unit does not include the analog clock typical of these devices, but is armed with a timer to program meals in reverse order and is also very easy to use.

With its ice packs, double tray, and design, this product could resemble many of its kind. However, it is their practicality-functionality relationship that helps you excel.


To launch this feeder, nothing better than to set an example of everyday situations. In that sense, and taking into account that the PAWISE model does not work with a clock, but a timer, the handle must turn the missing hours.

What does this mean? If one of the PAWISE users leaves home at 10 am and needs to feed his cat at noon, the timer must be turned for two hours. So on until the times deemed necessary to feed the cat.

Starting the unit is not complicated at all. First, the on / off switch is pressed, and then the timer is turned on. Since both trays have their own, owners can schedule meals at different times or twins. Everything will depend on your requirements and those of your cat.

Feed bowls and other wet foods are cleaned with a damp towel, while the rest of the unit requires a dry cloth. It is not recommended to use products with too strong chemicals, submerge the trays and the unit in water or put them in the dishwasher.


This PAWISE brand refrigerated automatic pet feeder comprises a white unit and navy blue covers. From the ice pack compartment to the food delivery trays, they are made of the best quality plastic.

Ice bags, included in the package, are installed under both bowls. They must be refrigerated a few hours before installing them. The product requires four double-A batteries that, unlike the bags, are purchased separately.

The dimensions of the feeder correspond to 24.1 x 13.2 x 7.1 centimeters, and the volume has a total weight of 450 grams (approximately 1 pound).


This model in question can distribute two dry or wet meals in periods of up to 48 hours. However, other versions of it are made to serve four and up to 5 portions in the same period.

Each tray allows you to pour up to 1.3 cups of food per serving, enough to keep the cat satisfied for 6 to 8 hours. Although the latter depends on the diet to which it is subjected.


  • In addition to its ability to keep food fresh for longer, this feeder has an extra ice pack that customers can take advantage of when they need to leave home.
  • After purchasing it, the installation is immediate, and, given its neutral colors, it can be fixed in any interior space.
  • It is easy to clean and the batteries have an approximate duration of one year and have a lifetime warranty.


  • The lack of compartments. However, and as explained before, there are versions of the same product that add two and three trays.
  • Another problem with this product is the timer. Well, despite being easily programmed and timed so accurately, it makes a slightly annoying noise.

5) 4 Meal Automatic Cat Feeder

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Within the market, this automatic wet feeder for cats is one of the best range and quality options. With an innovative design and a capacity to provide up to 2 kilograms of dry and wet food, RICHDOG is a model rich in characteristics and qualities.

It works perfectly for small dogs and adult cats of any breed. Its technological qualities include from a dispenser and automatic ration regulator to a voice recognition that positions it as a unique article in its class. Get 3 bowl cat feeders here.


Thanks to its multifunctional timer, the automatic refrigerated pet feeder can distribute four portions of dry and wet food in periods of 24, 48, or 72 hours – the latter recommended only for feed or long-term feed.

All meals are programmable with a click on the LCD screen that shows the unit and is turned on with a switch. It does not need cables, but it works with four double D batteries or with rechargeable DC batteries.

The unit is composed of two interchangeable dispensers. Also, to meet the requirements of each client, there are two models for sale. The first, size S, is ideal for small and medium pets, allowing 1 to 39 modest food rations to be available in the unit.

On the other hand is the L model, for adult dogs and cats, with the same increase in food but more generous portions.

However, nothing stands out as much as its voice recording system. With this, it is possible to customize messages of encouragement or any other incentive with which children can enjoy their intake schedules.

To use it, you need to press the microphone button and speak for 10 or 15 seconds. This recording method is also incredibly useful for cats or dogs that need a call to approach eating. In that case, the system will accept messages of 3 to 5 seconds.


The RICHDOG unit includes a cylindrical type compartment, in the form of a dispenser rather than a tray. Within it, up to 2.7 kilograms of dry food can be stored – about 6 pounds. These are supported by a plastic barrier that opens and closes when the schedule indicates that it is time to eat.

There are no exact measurements of this feeder, but its weight is approximately 2 kilograms, which represents more than triple the ones described above. Either way, this extra weight helps the unit not to wobble before the enthusiasm of larger animals.

The whole unit is made of the best quality plastic. It is disassembled and can be introduced without worries in the dishwasher.


The power system of this unit is a bit abstract; You can schedule 4 full meals per day, or you can make 39 small servings within 48 hours.

Of course, there are intermediates for storing the 2.7 kilograms of feed and wet food that it is capable of withstanding, and, also, it depends on the regime that best suits the animal.


  • It is a high-end product, sophisticated and designed to program enough food rations so that the owners should not worry in 2 or 3 days.


  • Its highly innovative system can be difficult to decipher for less familiar users, or accustomed to analog work.


Buying a new product always raises some concerns. Therefore, for the new users of any automatic cat feeder chilled wet food described above, these are – probably – those that roam in their heads.

How can I keep my cat’s cold food?

Unlike feed, wet foods are more sensitive to temperature and ambient fluctuations. Therefore, programmable feeders between 24 and 48-hour intervals are beneficial for this company.

Can I leave wet cat food all day?

Yes. With the feeders, it is possible to leave a serving of canned goods, jellies, or pates out of the fridge, thanks to the ice packs that are installed under the trays and keep these foods fresh one day – two at most.

What happens if you leave out wet cat food?

Like most products that merit refrigeration, cat food goes into a decomposition process when its temperature is altered. In these cases, and unfortunately, it is best to get rid of the ration and opt for a new one.

If the food has not been opened or is hermetically sealed, it could re-enter the refrigerator.

How long can you leave wet cat food in the fridge?

If the food is sealed, check the expiration date of the food. Otherwise, wet food can last 24 or 48 hours before beginning to mix with other agents in the refrigerator. For the welfare of the cat and the human, it is essential to store it in the refrigerator only if it is well sealed.

Do not put wet cat food in a freezer.

How much the wet food can I feed my cat?

As much as it is healthy for this, and as much as the vet recommends. Depending on the ages, each one needs different portions. The best and most recommended is to alternate dry and wet foods.


Each product has its strengths and weaknesses, but the ideal for everyone is to get one that suits the needs of the cat, budget, and characteristics that are needed.

Fortunately, this market is endowed with multiple copies that help customers feel satisfied with their purchase, resulting in a practical, functional, and convenient acquisition.

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