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Having a pet requires a great sense of responsibility, in terms of the care that should be observed, especially in food. For people who have a busy pace of life and do not have time to be at home when giving them food, automatic feeders are an excellent alternative.

In this review, the most important aspects of PetSafe 5-Meal Pet Feeder will be highlighted, in detail, to analyze if it is the most suitable to cover all the needs of the pet and give the owner enough peace of mind to comply with his other obligations. This is come up with the best pet automatic feeders which people using now a day.

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What is PetSafe 5-Meal Pet Feeder and why we use it?

This automatic feeder PetSafe 5-Meal 2020 is a device that, through a schedule previously established, can keep the animal fed periodically and with the perfect ratios to satisfy your appetite.

The system provides a quantity of 5 rations, which can be designed according to the needs of the animal. Once the first serving is supplied, the remaining 4 is possible to program them as you see fit.

In such a way that food can be given twice a day for two days and a ration on the third day or a daily portion for 5 continuous days. This indicates that the person may be absent from home, either for personal or work activities without concern that the pet is malnourished.

This configuration is carried out thanks to a timer that works digitally, in which the desired times are fixed, being able to have time increases of one hour to dispense the meals. Keeping the animal with the right amount of food and avoiding risks to their health, such as excess weight or diabetes among others. Read PetSafe 2 meal feeder guide for latest feeder.


Resistant: It is made with long-lasting materials such as polypropylene, free of BPA or some other harmful elements, which make it the best feeding trough for playful and naughty cats.

Digital programming: Through the screen, the desired time is set, in AM or PM mode, of the four remaining meals.

Large capacity: It has 5 divisions of ample dimensions since each compartment can be placed from small portions to a cup of dry food.

It works with batteries: To start dispensing the food, you need 4 D-cell batteries (they do not come with the package)

Easy to clean: All components are easy to assemble and disassemble. Also, they can be cleaned, comfortably, in the dishwasher.

Security: Bring closure on the lid so that the pet cannot open the feeder.

Guarantee of use: The manufacturer offers 1 year of use without problems.

Practical and lightweight size: It has measures that adapt to any corner of the house since it has 15 inches wide, 5 inches tall and 18 long. In addition, it is easy to carry with its 3.9 pounds of weight.

Pros and Cons

The following describes all the benefits and disadvantages of the PetSafe 5-Meal automatic feeder 2020, in order to analyze it and adjust it to the requirements of the pet.


  • The programming is not complicated, the screen shows all the necessary data to complete the configuration.
  • You can have confidence in the accuracy of the system because it will deliver the ration at the time previously established and in the amount set.
  • It is quite compact, but not enough for the pet to manipulate it.
  • The filling process is simple.
  • Resistant to blows and accidents, for durable materials.
  • It has 4 D batteries, which can be recharged.
  • Each serving of food can reach up to 1 cup of dry food.
  • The system will work automatically on a daily basis, once it is programmed. Set the schedules and you will not have to do it again, only if you want to modify them or check the batteries.
  • You can leave it fixed anywhere you want, it does not roll easily.
  • Removable and washable tray in the dishwasher.
  • An excellent alternative to going on a trip and leave the pet fed.
  • The easy design of schedules and lapses to dispense food.


  • The first meal should be served at the moment, so it really dispenses 4 servings.
  • Once inserted the batteries will be ready to use, does not have a button to turn it on or off. Remove the batteries to disconnect it.
  • The procedure to install the batteries is a little complicated.
  • It emits a sound, which can be annoying to the pet, for 2 seconds when the tray is rotated.
  • There is no signal indicating that the battery is low and needs recharging.
  • When the batteries are removed, programming is lost
  • In some cases, especially, certain breeds of cats may discover how to rotate the tray using their legs
  • It is not recommended to use wet food for more than 1 day, it could be damaged by not having an ice pack system.
  • It does not work with electricity or another source of energy.
  • Sometimes, the feed tray does not line up with the lid.

How to use PetSafe 5-Meal Pet Feeder for cats?

First, it is suggested to remove the manual that comes in the inside of the lid, as it could cause the tray to lock and not turn properly. If you need them, you can print them on the PetSafe company website.

By making sure that nothing will prevent the free movement of the tray, you can do a test at home. This will confirm the proper functioning and supervise that the cat gets used to the noise emitted by the feeder when dispensing the ration.

This will prevent the animal from freaking out and trying to flee, instead of feeding, which can have many negative consequences for the welfare of the pet. Another detail that should be reviewed, is the alignment of the top lid with the tray where it is deposited in food.

To do this, you must do a test and make sure that everything works perfectly. When you have the certainty that everything is well aligned, you should try not to give much movement to the tray to not unconfigure it.

The process to close the lid is simple, you just have to press until there is a sound that indicates that the lid is properly closed and secured with the tab. In case the compartments lose alignment, they will automatically return to the correct position with an engine turn.

Try that the cat is not present when filling the tray, because you could try to get all the food. Also, to feed it with wet food, freeze the ration and place it in the compartment that will open after 10 hours; this way it will stay fresh when it is going to be eaten.


This feeder is perfect for people who are away from home during the day or for several days. It is also an excellent option for pets that need a diet. Although it only accepts dry food, you can dispense frozen foods following certain steps.

If you need to feed your cat once or several times a day with dry food, it is a good alternative. Also, if the pet is small or medium will be satisfied, but if it is large it is not highly recommended.

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