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Automatic cat feeders are the perfect choice for busy owners. With them, it is easy to train cats and dogs to establish their feeding schedules and, at the same time, educate them.

There are countless versions of pet feeders on the market, including the Cat Mate C500 2020, an automatic system intended for cat food that exceeds the model thanks to its qualities and new capabilities.

With Cat Mate, it is possible to distribute up to 5 meals, the first one in the act and the rest by means of a timer that treats with the same efficiency the distribution of dry or wet food.

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Cat Mate C500 Review 2020 – Pet Feeder With Digital Timer

The possibility of serving fresh food is given by the built-in ice packs, as well as hermetic lids to seal all meals, the precise digital timer clockes up to four portions.

It is a device that works with rechargeable batteries, dishwasher safe and ergonomically configured so that cats cannot handle it. In that sense, no matter how clever the animal is, it inhibits all these impulses with a more than a solid structure. See Best Automatic Cat Feeder Wet Food Refrigerated for more help.

Despite all the attempts of the device to remain solid, it is recommended to install it on a wooden base for greater fixation. Other features will be included later in this review Cat Mate C500.

What Does This Feeder Contain?

Upon receiving the shipment, customers should ensure that their product is complete and in proper condition. The physical damages are notorious to the naked eye, while the number of accessories is as follows:

  • A base unit – not waterproof – that will allow you to schedule meals at predetermined or manually set quantities and times.
  • A tight feeder lid that, together with the ice packs, allows you to keep the food fresh and safe from external agents that can contaminate it.
  • A food tray of the right size for cats of any size, compatible with the dishwasher.
  • Two twin ice packs that keep the dispenser moist – like a kind of refrigerator. Thus, the food maintains the required temperature for the indicated time.
  • A battery cover.

Features & Specifications

With this review Cat Mate, C500 intends to explain in-depth the highlights of this article. However, if in the end, some doubts prevail, you can resort to references and comments on Amazon, EBay or any other online shopping page.

Amount of Dispensations

The feeder is par excellence, the favorable option for those who spend a lot of time away from home and do not want to have family pets. Thus, the company has created a device that dispenses up to 5 portions that, thanks to the ice packs, remain fresh for two or three days.

The great advantage offered by this device is the programming capacity. Unlike semi-automatic or manual dispensers, rations are served here when the system detects it. In that sense, each compartment allows a maximum of 330 grams of cat food.

In total, Cat Mate allows you to store up to two kilos of food under proper conditions. However, the portions may vary according to the pet’s food standards.

Ideal for Cats of All Sizes

Since the physical constitution of these felines does not tend to vary, this dispenser is perfect for any breed. However, it is recommended to use it with caution in newborns and puppies, since they can get stuck.


To start up the feeder, the central unit needs three AA alkaline batteries – not included in the package.

Also, the lid and bowl are easy to assemble and disassemble, waterproof and specially designed for handling cats. To add additional weight, it is recommended to install wooden support or any material that is equally solid.


Before making the purchase, customers should consider the space required to install this dispenser. In that sense, the dimensions are as follows:

13.4 inches x 11.4 inches x 2.8 inches, the food section has a space of 5 inches each and, at the bottom 1 ¾. The approximate weight is 2.4 pounds, which is equivalent to one kilogram.

The device has a 3-year warranty.

How Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder works?

With this device, everything is focused on the food tray. The five compartments work in rotary, releasing the ration at the scheduled time. The amount of the portion is decided by the owner, but this can not exceed 330 grams.

In the lower part, there is a kind of nozzle or groove that allows the food to be released. As the first meal falls directly into the bowl, the central unit should only schedule the rest of the four meals.

According to the instructions for use, the Cat Mate includes a feeding capacity for two cats. Therefore, if the portions are intended for only one, it is strongly recommended to decrease the amount that is placed in each section.

As far as technical issues are concerned, the unit works with three double-A alkaline batteries, the duration of which ranges from 12 to 15 months. When a decrease in the fluidity with which the machine distributes food is observed, it is recommended to change them.

Regarding the batteries, it is important to mention that these do not come in the delivery package. However, the device works the same regardless of the brand or model of the battery.

The stopwatch that guides the distribution of the portions can be configured in two-time formats: military (00:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.) or AM / PM (from 12 to 12). The selection will logically depend on the client’s preferences.

How to Configure or Set Up?

A very important part of this review Cat Mate C500 is, of course, the configuration of the device, which although it is not endowed with many complications, can be cumbersome for those less familiar with this food system.

But do not spread panic. The following will explain in detail how to start the feeder in 3 simple steps.

First: Install the batteries

At the time of unboxing, customers will see that at the bottom end of the unit there is a compartment to install the batteries. What they should do is open it and make sure the spring fits perfectly.

For the third and last time: the team needs three double-A alkaline batteries that are purchased separately.

If there is a problem opening the battery cover, you only have to press the spring clips on both sides at the same time, lift the tray carefully and remove the battery cover by releasing this clip. Insert the battery and then close with the same procedure.

Second: Time the Portions

To do this, the device includes a digital panel with a specific number of buttons. Each one fulfills its function, but before pressing the left and right, this is a guide that should be taken into consideration:

  • Cat Mate C500 indicators include a battery tab that lets you know when its life has ended. If it comes on at any time, the procedure is imminent: replace it with new batteries.
  • Also, this device is made with a clock screen that shows the current time, although there are also two additional indicators that show standard and military timetables.
  • The last indicator shows the number of servings per day – a maximum of 4-, and the feeding time for the pet – predetermined.

As for the buttons, there are only four outstanding: the power, the adjust and configure and the top and bottom, each fundamental when making the appropriate timing.

However, setting the clock is completely simple. The ADJ / SET button is pressed for five seconds. When the LCD screen is ready, the up or down arrows must be pressed, so the time is determined. When setting the clock, it is necessary to take into account the time format for meals.

Third: Schedule Meals

All feeding times for the cat will depend on their own routine and the time of their owners. This will also influence the amount per serving and how often the tray is filled.

The schedule that is set will be predetermined on the machine and will be repeated every day in the same way, so it is recommended to make good decisions before and during setup.

In that sense, the first meal does not depend on a schedule, since the same system serves it when the other four are configured. For the rest, the following indications are considered:

  • The first step is to set the clock. From there the hours in which the compartment will open and fill the cat’s bowl are delimited. Doing so does not involve a lot of commitment: the UP and DOWN keys must be pressed with each potion.
  • Once the hours are defined, the ADJ / SET key is kept pressed for an interval of 3 seconds, until the meal 1 begins to flash.
  • To set the time of all meals you will need to press the UP and DOWN button until the selected time and press ADJ / SET to confirm this selection.
  • Finally, the procedure is repeated with each portion.

When defining the rations, it should be taken into account that the time intervals can only be increased every ten minutes. Therefore, you should wait for the LCD to show which moments are indicated.

How to Program 1,2, or 3 meal Per Day

Generally, the owners consider that a portion of 300 grams is enough to keep the cat stocked for a maximum of 24 h. Based on this; they program the 5 meals so that they are distributed in 5 days.

However, there are animals that, for dietary reasons, need to eat specific portions at certain times. For the masters who must deal with this schedule, configure:

Once the first meal has been selected for four days, the rest of the portions will fall into the bowl with that order. To make the meals vary the time, it is necessary to change the schedule of all the portions.

For example, if the first 100 grams fall at 8 in the morning, the team picks up the signal as the first meal. To program another one at noon and the last one at night, it is enough to access each of the schedules with the settings button.

No need to worry. All configurations are registered in the system and are followed protocol all unless there is a decrease in the compartments. The main task of the owner is, of course, to keep each section provided.


The most outstanding positive feature of this device is its ease of configuration, and if it adds to the malleability with which it dispenses wet and dry rations, it is a quality product.

Thanks to the ice packs and their airtight lid, the food remains fresh and free of external agents that harm the cat’s health. Also, all settings are predetermined at the time, every day.

The slot and the compartments allow serving a sufficient portion for up to two cats so that the owners of several felines should not invest in two feeders having one that provides more than indicated.

Another prominent quality is the ease with which it is cleaned. By hand or in a dishwasher, the surfaces are very easy to rinse with soap and water. Of course, the central unit is not waterproof. Do not challenge this instruction unless you want to destroy the entire feeder.

Finally, it is a device with a special design for small, medium and large cats, proof of tricks and feats of those greedy and bold animals.


One of the most pressing complaints from users is the number of meals that can be scheduled, accusing the brand of deceptive advertising. Well, although it maintains that five portions can be configured, the reality is that the timer only programs 4. The first is served by the owner.

Also, ice packs tend to melt quickly when exposed to excessively hot temperatures. This should be considered before thinking about installing it near the stove or any electrical equipment that emits heat.

Another drawback related to the Cat Mate 200 is the programming interval since it does not allow programming at specific times, but at intervals of 10 minutes. In addition, there is the fact that it works with regular batteries and not with a charger.

Although the latter is a minor complaint.


The Cat Mate C500 2020 review is characterized by its sophistication, ease of programming and sufficient supply for one or two pets, so in the market, it is already made with an outstanding role in cat products.

Its ease of cleaning and ability to install in any dry space at room temperature makes this feeder the modern, economical and special option for cats of all sizes.

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