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The hectic pace of life that is carried today, does not allow to be at home attending the feeding times of pets. In many cases, the owners must be absent for several days due to work demands or vacation travel.

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Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder Review

In spite of everything, it is possible to fulfill the pending activities and, also, with the meals of the cat, thanks to the innovative systems of automatic cat feeders. There are many models with advantages, but the best one is Cat Mate C3000 review and features of this design will be shown so that you have the most suitable feeding option for your cat.

With a feeder that works automatically, you will not worry about whether your pet ate or is well nourished. This device is responsible for dispensing rations, previously established by you, to control your diet and that is always satisfied, giving you a lot of peace and eliminating stress.

Features of Cat Mate C3000

This feeder is one of the most sought after in the market, for different reasons. Obviously, it is a perfect ally to provide a correct feeding to the cat and this is a more than enough reason to have it at home.

Serving sizes:

The Cat Mate C3000 distributes rations that can vary from 2 tablespoons, which equals 0.35 ounces to 6 pounds of croquettes at each meal.


The hopper can hold up to 35.3 pounds of dry food, which means you can schedule meals for several days.


It has an upper lid with a system that closes hermetically, to keep food fresh for a long time. The exit channel of the food is manufactured tamper-proof because it closes completely once the ration comes out, with which the cat will not be able to make it work in any way or to extract extra food.

The device can be fixed to a wooden base or any other platform, to give it greater stability. With this advantage you can prevent the cat from overturning it and causing the food to spill or, what is worse, to stop working.


It has a wide LCD screen, which shows all the information stored related to the schedules and the rations it will provide. The configuration is very simple, following the steps of the instructions.

It has the alternative of making a download that will be done manually. To do this, you just have to press a button on the device and it will release an additional load. In addition, you can provide 3 or more daily meals to the cat, each with different sizes.

It also has the “frequent function” that will provide extra rations to pets that have health problems, such as diabetes and require a special regime. Simply, design your program and it will be ready to work.


All the parts formed by the bowl, the hopper, the lid, and the outlet channel are completely detachable and resistant to the dishwasher, so they are easy to clean and reassemble.


The Cat Mate C3000 system works through 4 C batteries, which are not included in the package. After its installation, they will have a useful life of 6 months or, even, they can reach up to 9 months, everything will depend on the use that is given to the device. It is recommended to check the load every so often, to avoid that the cat can run out of food.


The manufacturer of the Cat Mate C3000 automatic feeder ensures that the feeder will work for 3 years without problems. This provides a lot of peace of mind since you will have a long lifespan and continuous feeding for your cat.

Safe materials:

The plastic with which the feeder is manufactured is free of harmful chemical elements, which could be harmful to the health of the cat. The storage conditions prevent the reproduction of bacteria in the food, keeping it always fit for consumption.

The container in which the pet eats has a very soft surface, which is ideal for not scratching the nose or damaging the tongue. In addition, it does not protect unpleasant odors. It must be remembered that these animals will not approach the food if it does not have a good smell, because they are very clean and have a nose that is very susceptible to bad odors.

Compact and lightweight:

It is one of the smallest with measures of 21.1 cm long, 21.1 cm wide and 36.8 cm high, with a weight of 2 pounds; you can place it in any corner of the house.

Control of the feeding:

You can exercise perfect control over the weight of your cat, avoiding that it eats in excess of that, on the contrary, it is not fed in an appropriate form, since only the amount of programmed food will be supplied, according to the requirements of the animal.

How to Setup Cat Mate C3000

The food supply system is easy to program, you can even control it remotely and check if the cat has eaten. Following a few simple steps, all the people manage to program it and put it to work.

First, remove the top lid of the container and place the maximum amount of 35.3 pounds inside the hopper, close by pressing hard. On the LCD screen, press the button corresponding to the feeding, establish the number of times per day that rations will be provided and the size of each of the portions, according to the needs of your cat.

In the weather button, you can set the time in which the previously designed ration will be delivered and the device will be responsible for performing the download following the programming. In “frequent feeding” mode portions will be provided, more continuously, for animals with diabetes problems.

When it is time to feed it, the feeder will automatically release the amount of food scheduled and the cat will be satisfied.


  • The large storage capacity of 35.3 pounds
  • Provides small portions of 0.35 ounces and large quantities of 6 pounds
  • Frequent feeding mode and normal mode
  • Requires 4 C batteries
  • Battery life from 6 to 9 months
  • Cover with airtight and secure closure
  • Removable and washable components in the dishwasher
  • Easy programming on the LCD screen
  • 3-year warranty


  • It does not provide the option to operate with electricity, so you have to be aware of the charge of the batteries.
  • Designed for small breed cats
  • Does not accept wet food in the container
  • It emits a noise when serving the ration, which could be annoying for the cat


With all the features and functions presented by the Cat Mate C3000 automatic feeder, it can be assured that it is the most reliable, practical and durable, among all the other options offered by the market to feed the pet.

The programming modes are fixed with simple steps and have other functions for cats with special diets, which is a relief for the owner, as he can fulfill his obligations outside the home and without neglecting his best friend.

With this device, you can control the amount of food your cat eats and you will avoid problems of excess weight or food failures, with the help of the automatic feeder.

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