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The care of pets should be the priority of the owners. For this reason, Cat Mate C20 2020 Revision is presented, as an alternative that will facilitate feeding the cat and give you more free time.

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Cat Mate C20 Automatic Pet Feeder Review 2020

This practical pet feeder is able to provide two meals a day to a cat; as well as, feed two cats once a day. It has two divisions that are closed with a lid and has an independent and analog timer for each compartment.

It can be scheduled to dispense the food up to two days after scheduled. The conservation of the food is done with a cooling system, placing a special ice bag for this purpose.

For greater comfort, each container has a large capacity that can reach up to 450 g or the equivalent of one pound. Also, it is possible to leave wet food to the pet, because thanks to the included cooling system will not be damaged.

Simply open the lids of each tray and remove them to place the ice pack, if you prefer to keep the food dry. Reposition the containers in the corresponding place and place the quantity of the food up to the indicated weight, so that the doors close easily.

Once all these steps have been completed, set the desired time to feed the food by turning the timer clockwise, repeat the same procedure in the next compartment, with a schedule after the one you just set, and it will be ready to operate and feed the cat automatically.

Features of Cat Mate C20

Supply up to 2 cats

The Cat Mate C20 Revision is a feeder that works perfectly for cats of small dimensions, who are used to eating once or twice a day. In case you want to feed two cats at once, it can work to give you the exact rations daily.

If you have to leave the house for the weekend and you are worried about who will take care of feeding the pet, you do not have to worry because the Cat Mate C20 will cover those two days without problems, at a rate of one daily portion.

Simple Programming

It is not necessary to use techniques that are too complicated, to establish the time at which you want to supply the food ration to the cat. The rotating system of the timer will make it easier for you to determine the schedule that best suits you, with a maximum of two days of programming.

Just turn the clock knob and release it in the desired position. In this way, the watch will activate when the expected time has elapsed and the lid will open automatically, exposing the food for the pet.

Conservation of Food

Thanks to a bag that contains ice and can be kept in the freezer until its use, it is possible to keep the food in perfect condition, being able to supply dry or wet food in any of the two trays.

In addition, the hermetic design provided by the lid guarantees the preservation of rations for consumption. Thus, there is no risk of supplying food in poor condition and diseases can be prevented.

Function with Battery

This feeder can work by installing an AA / LR6 battery, which does not come with the purchase. Inserting it and turning the timer will allow the clock to remain active. Once the compartment is opened, no more battery will be consumed, so it can last up to a year.

Light and Practical Design

Due to its dimensions it can be placed in a corner of the house and will not disturb the passage, since it measures 3.8 inches high, 16.2 inches wide and 13.8 inches long. Also, it has a fairly light weight of 2 pounds and, to avoid that the cat can move it, you can fix it to wood to give it more stability.

Easy to Clean

It is made with quite resistant materials and has pieces that can be removed to wash them. The lids and the containers for the food are apt to introduce them in the dishwasher and to wash with detergent.

Perfect for small pets

Because of its design and the size of the divisions, it is advisable to use the Cat Mate C20 Revision for small cats and that is not naughty. In addition, it provides a sufficient amount for pets that are not large.

If the cat is curious, it will look for ways to manipulate the feeder and will try to open it, especially if it has strong legs. For this reason, it is suggested to secure the battery cover with adhesive tape and prevent it from opening and manipulating the battery, because if it manages to move it the system will be deactivated.

Pros and Cons

This feeder offers multiple advantages to pet owners who have to leave daily from home or absent for a couple of days and do not have support for feeding the cat but also has many difficulties for some people waiting for a feeder more effective.


  • Supply food for up to two continuous days
  • Manufacture with resistant materials and proven quality
  • Provides both dry and wet food
  • Capaz to provide two food rations
  • Versatile, because it feeds a cat twice a day or two cats a single time
  • Programming very simple and easy to manipulate the timer
  • Includes a bag with ice that allows food to be fresh for longer
  • Function with a single AA battery, which does not come with the package, and has a long life of up to 12 months
  • Designed to place it in any room of the house, without disturbing the passage of people
  • The parts are movable and washed in the dishwasher
  • The bowls accept up to 450 g or 1 pound of food each
  • To prevent the cat from moving the feeder, there is the possibility of fixing it to a wood
  • Ideal for two cats that can eat at the same time or that are fed at different times
  • All equipment is completely guaranteed for 3 years


  • The accuracy of the timer may vary and may not be as accurate as a digital timer
  • The cover that covers the battery must be fixed with adhesive tape, otherwise, it could fall
  • Does not have a signal that indicates the level of consumption of the battery, so you should check the load with a tester every so often to verify how much life is left
  • If the pet is very restless, you can remove the tray and spill its contents, making it perfect for quiet cats
  • It will be necessary to buy additional ice bags, which fit the internal space, to be placed when the next meals are scheduled
  • It is not recommended for cats that eat more than twice a day or if the owner will be absent for a period longer than two days

How to configure Cat Mate C20 for cat?

In order to achieve optimum performance of the feeder and to fully comply with its function, for the owner’s peace of mind, the instructions must be followed and certain preliminary steps must be observed. First, you have to adjust the battery in the indicated compartment and secure the lid with an adhesive to prevent accidents.

Once the battery is installed, the trough will be ready to operate. Open the lid of each division and lift the vessels where the food will be placed, to discover the area where the ice bag that will be taken out of the freezer will be fixed.

In order to schedule future meals, it is necessary to have several frozen bags, which have the same measurements as the original, in order to replace them immediately when the cat food is replaced.

In the event that other bags are placed that are not the same as the one that comes with the product, but keep the same measure, they should be angled so as not to disturb the space when the lid is to be closed.

Then, you can enter the two containers and proceed to fill them with the amount of food you think is convenient, according to the pet’s eating habits. When placing the ration that will satisfy the appetite of the cat, you can proceed to lower the lid and close it firmly.

Make sure it is properly closed so that you can set the time. To complete this step, you must make a turn in the timer and take it to the top, and then set it at the time you prefer, according to the needs of the pet.

The design has up to 48 hours to set a considerable time to dispense the food when the lid is opened. It must be taken into account that the timer is not as accurate as a more advanced one, so there may be a few minutes of delay in the opening.

Despite this detail, you can be sure that it will always open and the cat will be able to eat the ration that is in the container. Subsequently, the same pattern will be repeated with the other compartment and the animal will be able to feed again. To program other meals, you have to repeat the procedure.


In this Cat Mate C20 2020 review is shown a feeder that works automatically and can dispense two portions of food for small cats and that is quite disciplined. The design is very safe, but if the cat is tenacious and intelligent enough it is possible that he can manipulate the covers and move the batteries, losing the configuration.

Taking some precautions such as fixing the lid with tape and the feeder to a heavy wooden base, this concern will be solved. The lid of the feeder may not open exactly at the scheduled time, because in certain models it is slightly delayed, but it works as long as the battery has not been moved.

So, if you require a device that allows you to leave home for up to two days in a row and that ensures your cat is well-fed, this feeder is the perfect solution.

Make sure you have several ice packs to replace them with each change of food and enjoy a great ally, quiet and efficient, that will not occupy much space or clash with the decor.

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