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Being aware of the daily food of your pet, dog or cat, can be somewhat complicated if you have a complicated life, a proper diet makes you happy and strong, and that applies to your pets, but what if I do not have time as I do?

This problem has an average person by not keeping their working life coordinated with their responsibilities with their pet, but do not worry, get to know a unique, special, and fully functional product called Petpal which is a great cat feeder of 2020.

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PetPal Wifi Automatic Pet Feeder Reviews 2020

Petpal automatic wifi feeder is a product that will solve your life by feeding your pets when you are away; this product have genius technology and revolutionized the market with its functionality.

The petpalwifi, as it is well-read is a cat feeder that works by programming the feeding times of your pets or manually with the application “petpal. The app” thanks to it, you will be in the tranquility of your work and can be aware of your pet by feeding it properly.

The automatic petpalwifi pet feeder has a host of new features that have positioned it in the number one product on the market; its feeding system is innovative and very safe.

Features of PetPal Feeder

Two things characterize the petpalwifi automatic pet feeder, functionality, and attractive design for your pets; in addition to that, there are also the following advantages:

  1. The application works with Android and IOS and this opens the availability field.

By having an open system, this allows more people to be motivated to buy petpal, trying to maintain such a large system is not easy. Still, the company does everything possible to please its customers. Try the petpal app and your opinion.

  1. Each feeder has a camera and microphone to keep an eye on your pet.

Through the camera, you will be monitoring your pet, make sure that it is behaving well, notice when it is hungry or even talk to it when you feel that it misses you, press a button in the app to speak and voila, give it all your love unconditional to your little cat.

  1. Slots do not jam

The system is anti-jam, this increases its reliability, you know that you can go to work having a very functional product that will feed your pets in the hours that you are away.

  1. Easy installation, you can do it by yourself

You need absolutely nothing to install the petpal, just motivation and time will put the cylinder to work, install your camera and microphone in a correct and interference-free way.

  1. Very resistant material against water or other external agents.

The material used internally and externally is stainless steel, it is an 80 cm high cylinder with this material, free of plastics, its bowl also has this characteristic, which helps your pet to have good digestion and prevent cat acne.

These have been some of the most attractive features in the eyes of users within the Petpal, among some renovating functions that have positioned it as the best feeder is:

  • It has a motion sensor: this serves to alert you that your pet is hungry. it can automate it so that it dispenses food.
  • You can post a video (1 min maximum): with this, you will encourage your pet to feed, distract, and reassure you with your voice.
  • Low food alerts: thanks to this feature, you will always keep your Petpal with food.
  • It has night vision: there is no time or limit for Petpal’s camera and sensor.

How Petpal Auto Feeder Works?

The automatic petpalwifi pet feeder has a unique function that differentiates it from the rest. It can be used through its application to dispense food to your pet, with just a click, you can be the most responsible and attentive parent with His cat.

The correct way to brand the petpal is by installing the product, downloading the application, filling its kibble tank and putting it to work, note that this product has no limit whatsoever so that you can feed your pet from work if so wishes.

The petpal feeder can work without mobile data as long as you have a wifi connection. Otherwise, your automatic system will feed your pet.

You can program and make petpal your substitute by feeding your pets every 5-6 hours; your system does not get stuck, so you should not worry and enjoy this technology. You can also feed manually as long as you have a connection to Internet.


Petpal is a renovating product that will change the life and nutrition of your pets when you are away, know that other benefits you can get from it:

  1. It is built with stainless steel: this increases its durability so it will be a good investment.
  2. Your system is very stable: the petpal software is very well monitored.
  3. HD camera and sound
  4. Renewal manual automation
  5. Easy maintenance
  6. Very stable: whatever your pets do, they cannot knock it over.
  7. Exact food portions petpal does not promote obese pets.
  8. Can be installed by yourself

WOW! Its benefits have been very motivating; with them, you will see that your self-esteem improves when you have a very happy cat or dog, promote the good digestion of your pets with a product as innovative as petpal. Change your life now.


Even though petpal does not have significant disadvantages, these have been some of the failures that some clients have presented the product.

  1. Very high cost
  2. Your battery doesn’t doubt much
  3. Some cats are scared by their design
  4. You must have a fast Internet
  5. The bowl is not deep enough


An excellent product on the market today, durable, resistant, renovating and unique is the petpalwifi automatic pet feeder, you already have enough reasons to believe it and determine that it is the best of its kind. Please do not wait any longer to have it in your hands and change the diet of your pets.

Your duties as the father of a kitten or short dog should be exemplary, you have to bathe him from time to time, be aware of future illnesses, or the most important factor is to give him food daily.

Feeding your little pet can be difficult if you have a very stressful life, full of meetings and meetings that do not allow you to be at home taking care of your cat, with petpal you can do both without any problem.

Petpal came here to stay and take care of your cat, do not worry and leave it under professionals, remember that a happy cat will make your life more joyful, and that will help you stress less.

Use your manual system via wifi and extend your range, be an attentive parent without the need to be at home, this option will not be found anywhere only in petpal. Get the product before it’s too late, don’t expect your furry friend to hate it and start feeding you constantly.

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