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Many people love having pets at home. In such a way, that both cats and dogs become one more member of the family. However, it is also true that among occupations, worries, and tasks, sometimes it is not possible to dedicate them as much time as is necessary.

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Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder Review 2020

Beyond affection, pets need three basic things to survive: food, water, and exercise, in that order of priority. For their owners, taking them out for a walk is easy, but in the face of long absences, it becomes difficult to watch the animal feed properly.

For those who are looking for a convenient alternative to feeding their pets when they are not at home, the Petmate Pet Feeder is the option to consider which comes under automatic cat feeders. As a product, it is not only practical and functional but also has an additive valued by these days: its ecology.

This feeder is designed to store up to 2 kilograms of food in its refill compartment, is made with PET that sticks to sustainable development and, more importantly, is completely safe to use with pets.

With the Petmate Pet Feeder, people will save a lot of time and clear all their worries. It is a quality product, designed, designed and assembled for the functions that describe its characteristics, and providing a suitable and timed feed to the furry friends of the house.

The automatic quality, so appreciated in this age where technology is a constant part of everyday life, becomes the coup de grace of this product, whose strength is also based on feeding programs that fill up on their own and react sensory to the dogs or cats. There is no food that does not support the Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder. And that, in itself, reassures users.

Easy to clean, this also consists of a central unit whose sizes depend on the needs of the client and their pets, making it an excellent option for those who, between the comings and goings of everyday life, could forget to feed their pets.

Petmate Pet Feeder: How it works and Features

The Pemate Pet Feeder 2020 is mainly built on the base of a simple programming unit, which combines perfectly in the interior spaces and is compact, practical and safe. All copies of Petmate Pet Feeder include a transparent storage hopper so that owners can verify the amount of food available to their pets.

All the shell of this feeder is made of PET plastic. Therefore, it does not contain toxic agents and/or contaminants that may expose the integrity of the animals. With the Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder, it is not necessary to fill the food bowl every two times since the system releases it progressively thanks to a gravity function.


When unpacking this pet feeder, the first thing that customers will notice is that it is armed with a simple but modern design, transparent containers, and adapter for any type of bowl. This is important when calculating portions for each animal, especially if you do not want something to spill.

Currently, the market offers this dispenser in three colors: white, brown and navy blue, seeking to adapt to the tiles or kitchen decoration -or whatever the environment where it is planned to install. Also, complementing the colors, the Petmate Pet Feeder adapts in size to the breed and composition of the animal.


This is an ecological product, of safe pieces but recyclable at the same time. However, its pro-environmental quality does not diminish, at all, the ability to provide a quality service.

In this sense, this feeder has fasteners that facilitate the grip and transfer of the product, as well as includes a base that, using gravity, automatically responds when the food reservoir is at its minimum level.

On the other hand, and thanks to its containment capacity, this product is designed for homes where two or more pets live together since the capacity is lent so that the owners do not have to worry about these matters. Of course, the more animals, the frequency of refueling will increase accordingly.

Capacity – How Much You Can Feed?

The Petmate Pet Feeder compartment is, perhaps, the most fascinating and practical part of the entire product, as it is characterized by a wide opening that facilitates the transit of food and -what is lucky for the owners-, the cleaning time.

Depending on the type of food, the appliance easily holds between 2 and 3 kilograms. Enough food to not have to be replaced in, at least, ten or fifteen days – everything depends on the diet of each pet.

How to Use And Set Up Petmate Pet Cafe Feeder

Once the product is assembled, the first thing the owners must do is introduce some food ration. It is recommended to do it gradually until making sure that gravity does its job well.

Not being electric, this feeder acts more by instinct than programming. However, it is still treated in a simple and practical way to feed the animals. It is enough to just let go and verify that the food fills the bowl properly.

The central focus of the Petmate Pet Feeder lies in the compartment. From there all the functions come out and it is the fundamental part of the product. Therefore, the correct installation will depend exclusively on knowing how to fit the pieces in place.


Design is one of the most valuable reasons why people love this pet feeder. It does not cover a lot of space, it comes in different color presentations and adapts, at all costs, to the tones and decorations of each home.

Going through the practical, it should be mentioned that the storage compartment, being transparent, also adds points in favor of this product. Thus, even the most clueless owners may be aware of when they should refill food for their cats or dogs.

The fact that it is an “eco-friendly” product motivates people to give it a chance. Especially at this time, where PET plastic – safe and recyclable – is something that is in people’s minds and, finally, the gravity feeding system is the icing that ends up adapting the Petmate Pet Feeder for all its customers.


Despite its affordable price, one of the complaints that most frequent in the pages of review and comments have to do with the tray and the compartment. Although both work optimally, some consider the bowl too small.

A more valid complaint, however, points to the fact that in order to transmit the food it will be necessary to shake it occasionally since it gets stuck. Finally, it also bears the fact that this dispenser – unlike many in the market – cannot be washed in the dishwasher.


  • Cheap in Price
  • Good For 1 Cat
  • Good For Smart Cat that doesn’t overeats
  • It makes the food fresh


  • Not Good For overweight cats
  • Tray is small


An optimal product, with guarantee, quality, and design designed for the purpose it raises, with details that, more than causing discomfort, go unnoticed to most of its customers.

The Petmate Pet Feeder 2020 is the right option for those who want not to neglect their pets, provide them with adequate food and clear up the worries that lack of time could infuse them.

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