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The care and provisions in the adequate feeding of animals is a recurring concern for their owners. In fact, some are so fussy that they do not skimp on getting the best for their pets.

With regard to this need, markets have been set up for pets, such as PetSafe. Its products meet the highest quality standards and are distributed all over the world. Thus, people ensure welfare as far as possible of their furry friends.

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PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder Review 2020

One of the most notable accessories of the firm is the automatic feeder for dogs and cats that, for about 5 years, is revolutionizing the pet care industry.

The great advantage of this feeding system is that it allows the control of portions and nutritional values ​​of what the pet consumes. Some owners spend all day away from home, so feeding their cats/dogs on time is almost impossible. We consider this best automatic cat feeders because it works on auto functions.

This unequal food ratio can trigger diseases in animals, in excess obesity and lack of nutrients problems with the skin and fur. With the automatic pet feeder, the solution of these irregularities is at hand.

The official name of the product is “PetSafe Healthy Simply Feed”, designed and sold with the sole purpose of simplifying the lives of its users. With this, you can program the meal schedules, as well as the food rations that will correspond to the animal after the configuration.

Easy to use, practical and convenient, this feeder will exonerate its owners from carrying with food concerns about their pets or, in other words, dealing with a hungry dog ​​or cat when returning from a long day away from home.

How Does PetSafe Feeder Works?

PetSafe Healthy Simply Feed 2020 for pets is armed with the great quality of being programmable in options and portions. Therefore, the rations will be adapted to the nutritional needs recommended for the animal according to its size and weight. Check PetSafe 2 meal cat feeder if you are looking for 2 meals.

Generally, the owners of cats and dogs are the ones who acquire this product regularly which is logical, given that both animals belong to the category of most common pets.

Returning with the control of rations, this automatic feeder distributes the portions thanks to a conveyor belt -or dispensers. Through this channel, it is possible to distribute dog food of dry consistency, with the same efficiency for semi-moist foods -as canned for cats-.

With the PetSafe Healthy Simply Feed, owners can distribute from 1 ounce to 4 cups of food at a time, adjusted for 12 meals a day – in case the pet needs to follow a special regimen. However, and although this feeder does all the work, it is important to carefully monitor how much food is being distributed per serving.

Once people adapt to the use and functionality of this device, more confident they will feel when leaving their pets alone at home. In fact, given the capacity of the PetSafe Healthy Simply Feed, which allows a maximum of 24 cups in the dispenser, owners with very active working lives can be absent a couple of days with complete peace of mind.

Features of PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed

Constitution And Design:

This automatic feeder is divided into 3 sections. The main unit, consisting of a cup made of stainless steel and other plastic. When you open the box that contains it, customers will find a manual of instructions and a quick guide to program the first meals of their pets.

In terms of size and weight, the PetSafe Healthy Simply Feed is quite lightweight – 2 kilograms – and extends 13.3 x 10.3 x 15.8 inches long and wide. On the outside, it is coated with resistant plastic free of Bisphenol A – a chemical product to harden the plastic – and completely suitable for pets.

Visually, this article is characterized by its modern texture, discreet and adaptable to any corner of the home. Generally, people prefer to place them in spaces around the house next to the kitchen, but not directly in that room.

To prevent the constant opening of the dispenser, the PetSafe Healthy Simply Feed includes a transparent tape that allows owners to know when the ration of their animals is running out.


To operate this feeder you do not need to be an expert. In fact, one of the most valued qualities of this device is that it seems to be manufactured so that the actions seem almost intuitive.

In that sense, to start dispensing the food, it is enough to place it on the conveyor belt, divided in turn into plastic bands that incorporate the ration -according to the client’s schedule-. What it realizes and transporter is to move the division upwards and release the food.

Logically, this will happen with the frequency and quantity that is configured in the machine. The food, in that sense, can range between 3 and 12 servings per day.

A recommendation among the same users who have purchased the product invites the new owners to turn on the unit and immediately place the food on top of the compartments. Thus, you can test how fluidly the dispensation.


As mentioned before, the minimum established portion is one ounce, which corresponds to an approximate one-eighth cup. However, this is not by far the maximum number of servings that can be added to the PetSafe Healthy Simply Feed, given that the limit is 24 servings.

On the other hand, there are no worries that the pet pokes at the dispenser for more food. The opening closes automatically and is proof of legs, claws, and bites of cats and dogs. Paradoxically, a device designed for them but pet proof.

For extreme cases; that is, those animals that will do anything to access a little more food, the system includes an automatic blocker that is activated once you begin to notice any irregular action. Thus, the destructions of the apparatus are avoided.

The cup, on the other hand, is manufactured as a conventional cat and dog bowl, in stainless steel and easily removable, so that it can be cleaned quickly. An additional advantage for felines is that the material prevents the appearance of acne on the snout.


One of the great features of the PetSafe Healthy Simply Feed that customers will not want to miss is the selection of rations that they can adapt according to the needs of their pet. Thus, you can choose between the power modes: immediate, intermittent or paused.

All three are equally practical and corresponding. With the first, the first meal is immediately advanced and dispensed automatically. When it is intermittent, the ration is distributed in 15 minutes, preventing the pet from choking or eating too fast. This and the slow way are, from wherever you look, the healthiest choices.

The pause mode programs the operation of the device, but without eliminating the preset options. This feature becomes especially useful for trips or long absences.

Battery life:

This feeder needs 4 alkaline D-compartment batteries that, while they can last up to a year, are not included in the PetSafe Healthy Simply Feed package.

Also, this device includes an AC adapter port that is sold separately. The absence of immediate availability in the absence of these two accessories is occasional cause for discomfort among customers.


The most important reason that people will find when they inquire a little about this device is the care of their pets and the peace of mind of leaving them at home alone for long periods of time. However, there are technical aspects that, in short, gain more relevance.

This brings us to the ease of installation, the solidity of the appliance and the personalization of the portions as the strong ones of the PetSafe Healthy Simply Feed. It is dynamic but safe, easy to use but proof of many unfavorable conditions, including its own users – dogs and cats.

The design, in that sense, also enters this section. The device has a structure that completely prevents the legs, bites, and scratches of pets.

The construction of the bowl in stainless steel is also a worthy element, especially for its hygienic condition and the practicality that results when cleaning. However, the bowl can be replaced at any time.

Finally, your AC input and the use of batteries is an intermediate point in favor. The good part is that, should a blackout occur, the dispenser would still work. The negative part, on the other hand, is that they are not included in the package.


The maximum inconvenience that customers have with this device and, as already mentioned, is the absence of batteries and the AC adapter. They consider that for the price, it should be attached to the package. However, these are purchased separately and are easy to obtain.

Another problem worthy of mention is that, if the recommended programming instructions are not followed, it could become a very tricky and complicated task, subtracting the practicality in the experience.

As for the bowl, some users have complained that it can be a bit noisy when the food ration falls. Likewise, it is a bit difficult for cats to eat without having to lean, as the bowl does not fill to the brim.


The PetSafe Healthy Simply Feed 2020 offers an optimal service, healthy feeding programs and a pet feeder that stands out for the intelligence in the service. It can be installed in any space, it is modern and adapts to the pet regardless of its race, weight, size or physical activity.

Given the small unfavorable topics, this PetSafe product rewards with unsurpassed quality, fairly affordable price and the assurance that little furry friends are exposed to a more than safe tool, to check the prices of this and other PetSafe automatic feeders.

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