Best Large Automatic Dog Feeder For Large DogsDogs are man’s best friends, and therefore they need to have a decent accessory to feed well. Large dog breeds tend to eat slightly more than small breeds due to the size and metabolism of the dog. For these reasons, it is essential to provide them with a feeder that meets the size characteristics and is also automatic.

Thanks to the technology of dog feeders, it is possible to leave the house for a few days without worrying about food. It is very important that the owners who have to leave the city make sure that their dog will be fed perfectly. Proper planning of the type of automatic feeder you need will help you have control over your pet.

An advantage of the present is that if you do not have the shop to look for the feeder, you can order it online. Virtual stores offer you the facility to give you quick solutions so that you fulfil all your obligations. During this article, you can read five dog feeders that will help you if you have a large breed pet.

Large dogs that are not properly fed tend to get sick due to poor diet causing stomach illnesses. A large automatic dog feeder is the best solution to protect your pet from malnutrition and other diseases. If you work outside the city, you can leave confident knowing that you leave a feeder that solves the dog’s food.

The most practical example of using dog feeders is that owners don’t have to worry anymore. If you love animals but have little time to care for them, you better opt for a dog feeder. Automatic feeders are programmed to distribute food evenly, ensuring that the animal is fully satisfied. Also, check outdoor pet feeders from us.

Best Automatic Dog Feeder For Large Dogs Reviews

Take a look at our top 5 auto dog feeder and see how you can use them for your dogs.

1) PETKIT Automatic Dog Smart Feeder

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This is a model of a large automatic dog feeder that has a programmed feeding to control each portion. The design of the feeder is characterized by being creative when it comes to distributing larger dog portions. The mechanisms of PETKIT Fresh Element technology have unique mechanisms for you to schedule pet meals in coordination.

Because it is an updated feeder, you can program it with your smartphone through an application. The most important feature of the automatic feeder is that it connects to your wifi network with 2.4 GHz. The best thing about PETKIT feeder is to feed your pet even when you are out of town for a few days.

Set the portions that you think enough according to the size of your pet through your smartphone. The equipment compatibility of PETKIT makes it one of the best options when choosing a large dog feeder. Taking care of your dog’s health is much easier because you can feed the dog up to 10 times/day.

The characteristics of the distributed portions of the feeder are 0.18 ounces for each scheduled feeding. You can also program servings from 0.18 to 3.53 ounces depending on the size and appetite of your best friend. Dogs need understanding, and with a programmer like this, they will feel more loved and trusted.

After programming the dog’s portions, it doesn’t matter if wifi is lost because it will feed your dog on time. The continuous form of feeding makes you choose the rhythm as you want the pet to have its food. The PETKIT feeder guarantees you fresh and dry food so that your dog feeds healthy without any storage.


  • Total weight: 5 kg.
  • The recommended type of pet: Medium breed dogs.
  • Wireless: wifi enabled.
  • Storage capacity: 6 pounds.


  • It has wifi to control the dog’s food through an application.
  • The application is compatible with Android, iSOS, and Alexa Amazon.
  • You can feed up to ten times a day is scheduled portions.
  • It has a double freshness locking system to keep food fresh and dry.
  • You can store up to 6 pounds of food inside the bucket.
  • You can change experiences with other people who use the device through the application.
  • Your pet will have a perfectly balanced diet according to their needs.
  • Ten sensors to program the feeding of your pet.
  • It has four backup batteries that you can buy for emergencies.


  • Depending on the number of days you are away from home, it may not be enough.
  • It may not connect with the operation of the application on connections less than 2.4 GHz.
  • Spare batteries for electrical failures are not included.

2) Iseebiz 6L Automatic Dog Feeder – With Voice Recorder

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Large breeds should have insured portions throughout the day that are sufficient to satisfy all of their daily needs. This automatic feeder has a programmable timer and reminder for all meals perfect for feeding large dogs. Give your pets the right meals per day without exaggerating or reducing the amounts you are used to eating.

Among the main functions of this programmer are the following:

  • Accurate meals during the day.
  • Personalization of the portions of the day.
  • A perfect voice recorder for recognition placed on speaker if you prefer.
  • It has an IR detector avoiding jams or spills.
  • Design for easy mounting and ginning.

Each of the named functions gives your large dog control over the food eaten daily. You can give four scheduled or manual meals a day, depending on your needs; this allows you to establish a better habit in pets. You can set the weight of the servings you want to be distributed, ranging from 1 to 39 scheduled servings.

Each serving weighs 10 to 12 grams, allowing you to better calculate the proper size for dog food. An automatic feeder for large breed dogs like this will help to satiate your pet. With the recording function of your voice, you program the call of your pet so that you feel confident.

The IR detector prevents the machine from clogging when distributing the portions, preventing possible spill accidents. It is easy to disassemble into four parts when you need to do scheduled maintenance to avoid too much dirt on the product.


  • Product dimensions: 35x 21×36 cm
  • Use 3AA batteries
  • Require maintenance every 30 or 40 days.
  • Dry food should not exceed 1 cm3
  • Voice recording is 10 seconds recording.
  • You can place up to 120 grams per daily diet.


  • Program of 4 to 5 meals a day perfectly aligned for your pet.
  • It is easy to disassemble for maintenance.
  • Your pet feels familiar thanks to the voice recorder.
  • Create a better habit of daily written feedings.


  • It may be more limited in daily doses than other feeders.
  • It does not have a monitoring application.

3) WoPet Feeder For All Dogs – 4 Meals Per Day

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This is a dog feeder that can help you keep track of your daily meals even when you are not at home. You can make a daily schedule of 4 meals to be distributed while you fulfill your job duties. Amazon’s best-selling large automatic feeders are the full-featured WOPETs for funniest pets.

It has an LCD screen with buttons that allows you to program your pet’s daily food easily. You can program from small two-tablespoon servings to 4.5-cup feedings on each feeding made for the day. An advantage of the WOPET Large Dog Feeder is that it runs on both batteries and electricity to suit you.

When unexpected power cuts occur, you can be confident that your dog will continue to be fed normally. The batteries used to work without electricity are D size, although you will have to buy them separately because they are not included. You know the needs of your pets, so choose the amount of food you want to be supplied daily.

You record the daily feeding routes so that your pets can recognize the call of their owner at each meal. You decide how you will call your pet so that it can respond to the call of food properly. This dispenser is only for solid food that is 0.6 inches in diameter maximum size.


  • Scheduled meals up to 2.5 rates per serving.
  • The compartment allows up to 20 glasses of food
  • LCD panel for programming.
  • You can use several in case of power failures.
  • Voice recorder.


  • Thanks to the allowed portions, you can feed large breed pets.
  • Record your voice to give your pets the confidence and company they need.
  • It is dishwasher safe to make it easy to clean.
  • Adjust up to four meals a day for your pet.
  • It allows you to set the times when you want your dog to eat.
  • Avoid spills thanks to infrared technology


  • Only suitable for dry food.

4) UUNITONA 4.5L Programmable Feeder

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This is a prestigious dog food dispenser for big dogs that gives you more control. This dispenser features a remote control used with wifi allowing you to feed your dog through a mobile app. From your cell phone, you have control of your dog’s feeding from wherever he is without having major worries.

People who like to have the best in automatic large dog feeders should have a UUNITOMA model. The remote control for pet feeding is compatible with iSOS and Android and is made with a designed application. PetFun is the name of the application you need to control your pet’s food from work.

You can record your voice so that the dog comes to the call of your voice and can eat peacefully. You decide the feeding times and the portions, being able to place up to 100 grams in each portion that you program automatically. Because the capacity is 4.5 liters, you don’t need to fill the compartments too often for feeding.

This is an automatic feeder used only for dry foods that have a maximum size of 0.6 inches. You can insert a memory card if you prefer, and the capacity of the memory card is up to 32 GB. A limitation may be the wifi network because it must have a capacity of 2.4 GHz to guarantee food.

You can do maintenance whenever you want thanks to its ABS material with removable lid, hopper, and bowl with a dishwasher. Keep your pet’s food fresh and prevent it from being damp or spilled by animal thrusts.


  • Design with programmed control from the cell phone.
  • Capacity: 4.5 liters
  • Total weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Voltage: 5 V DC, 2 A
  • It has power connection indicators (red) and wifi connection (green).
  • Easy installation.


  • It is programmable for up to 4 meals a day with supplies of 100 grams maximum per meal.
  • Perfect for managing food doses from your cell phone.
  • You can add spare batteries if the power goes out.
  • Feed your pet even if he is out of town.


  • The Wifi network cannot be more than 10 meters away.
  • Does not support 5G

5) PAWPAL 4 Meals Programmable Timer Feeder

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Your pet makes your life easier after getting home after a long day at work. The best way to reward your pet’s unconditional love is with an automatic feeder for large dogs. Large dogs need higher doses of feed than other dogs, so you should try to use an automatic dispenser.

You can program the correct amount of food as you decide thanks to the settings that the dispenser has to do it. You establish the amount of food in each dose and how it will be distributed according to what you need. Under manual schedules, you can set up to four meals a day that will be distributed according to your needs for duration away from home.

You can also program the feeding through an application if you prefer, controlling the steps of your pets. When the wifi connection fails, the feeder will continue to feed the dog as programmed manually before leaving home. In case there is excess food, or the pet has not eaten enough, the machine will detect it.

If you prefer, record your voice so that pets come to your call during each dose of food. On the other hand, you can listen to your pet and speak to it through the two-way microphone it has. On the other hand, get your pet even if you are miles away through the HD camera.

When you need to have precise control over your big dog, this automatic feeder is the best investment you can make. It is a large dog feeding device designed to last for a long time with impact resistance.


  • With wifi connection for food control.
  • HD camera to monitor your pet when you are traveling
  • Manual and automatic programming.


  • Programming of meals for your large pets and the amount of food needed.
  • You can choose the times of the four meals manually.
  • It has an LCD screen for manual programming.
  • Can be managed through a phone application
  • Cameras to know the status of your dog.


  • If there is no internet connection at home, you cannot connect with the home camera.

Types of Cheap Programmable Automatic Pet Feeder

Several types of automatic dog feeders can make your life easier when scheduling their meals.

  • Gravity-fed feeders

A gravity dog ​​feeder allows food to drop onto the plate on a scheduled basis by opening the openings. A gravitational pet dog feeder uses a very simple mechanism for dropping food. The advantage of this type of feeder is that it is easy to maintain, requires no programming, and is inexpensive.

On the other hand, one of the most pronounced disadvantages of this type of dog feeder is the lack of restrictions. The feeding times of these feeders are not as programmable and can cause overfeeding in large pets.

  • Rotary Style Feeders

Rotary type feeders give improved weight control of the food you program for your pet. Such a large automatic dog feeder may be all you need to keep your pet satisfied. The rotary style offers pets the food by proportion so that they eat in each of the holes.

This type of feeder has five compartments that work for both dry and wet food. You can program it to offer one food at a time achieving direct control between the meals you need for your dog daily

  • Programmable Hopper Style Feeders

Hopper style feeders allow you to have larger storages for more control. You can also program the number of meals you need in each programming so that only the fair meals are issued. A large automatic dog feeder needs portions to be divided according to what you have programmed in the feeder.

  • Selective Feeders

Selective feeders allow you to feed a large pet or even more of them if you prefer. These feeders allow food to come out when dogs get close to the unit giving better control. These types of feeders can come with a microchip attached to pet collars for better control.

Distinguishing each of the pets you feed is the purpose of using a selective dog feeder. Every time you use a selective feeder, you can leave the city knowing that your dog will be balanced.

Reasons To Use An Automatic Feeder For Large Breeds

There are many reasons why you should choose an automatic pet feeder for large dogs. In the first place, you must very surely fulfill a working and social life, and with this, you can feed your dog. The main reasons why you should buy a dog feeder are as follows.


You can not worry about your dog’s mealtimes even if he is at home because the feeders do everything for you. When scheduling your dog’s mealtimes, you can do your normal activities without worrying. Leave or enter the house, knowing that your pet will be supplied with the food it needs to live.

Adequate Food:

Automatic feeders give you weight control to add to dog food. Adapting to the size and growth of the dog, you can calculate the amount of food and the number of times per day that it will be supplied. You must choose a dog feeder that works for you even when the doses are large.


Large dog food feeders still work mostly even though there is no wifi connection. On the other hand, in cases where the electricity fails, you can have spare batteries to continue feeding the dog.

Go on a Trip for Several Days:

You can go out of town for business for several days and even then your dog will surely be fed if there are problems. Some feeders can provide you with an interaction with your dog, managing to see everything he does during the day.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Is the heavy automatic dog feeder good?

Heavy dog ​​feeders are good for giving more stability withstanding dog pounding without falling. However, too heavy a feeder can be a problem if you need to move it around.

  • What is the electronic dog feeder?

An electronic dog feeder is a device that allows you to store and distribute your pet’s food. Dog feeders vary in brands, functions, storage, cleanliness, and type of scheduled daily feedings.

  • Are automatic feeders good for dogs?

Automatic feeders are a great way to ensure that your pet receives optimal nutrition. You can program the meals as you prefer, making your dog very satisfied.


Automatic dog feeders give you better control of your pets’ meals. You can do your jobs outside the home, knowing that your pet will be fed on a scheduled basis taking care of their general health. Thanks to the ease of automatic feeders, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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