Cats are very free and independent creatures come and go when they want, and socialize only with the people and animals with which they have shared since they were very small that is why they are sometimes elusive to strangers and not because they are really shy. This behavior is typical in all your habits included at the time of the meal.

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How To Stop A Cat From Eating The Other Cat’s Food?

Stop Cat From Eating Other Cat's Food

Mealtime can be complicated for them since their independent nature does not allow them to share food many times, even though there is a link between them. When there are several cats in the house, everything can become chaotic when it comes to feeding, especially if there is a dominant cat or younger kittens to feed and need different proteins for their growth. Although some owners of these pets try to educate these cats, they do not have the same level of learning that dogs have, they simply seek to cover their need to feed themselves regardless of the rest.

They are usually territorial, especially males, and they always mark their territory, including their masters; When it is time to feed, it is important that they have control of their place of eating because they see it as their property. When they have to share the food in a single bowl, the most dominant cat will try to eat more, because he believes he is the owner of all the food in the bowl, leaving very little for the other cat, this will result in a cat more obese and another malnourished, which will be very unfavorable to the health of both pets.

We must also take into account other conditions to feed the cats, which is the age and health status. A very young cat should eat more protein so that it grows very healthy; instead, a cat of several years may have some special condition with his health or a disease like diabetes, and his food requirements are special. Like humans, they too are victims of age, and they must eat food that is appropriate for their condition.

Many owners of these cats are unaware of this and do not take the necessary precautions when feeding their pets. Ideally, each animal has its own daily food ration so that it receives the proteins necessary for its health, besides being comfortable in its place of eating and eating as necessary without exceeding them. They also have individual needs, of food, that with the precautions and necessary care can be achieved, maintaining a happy coexistence between them, and also be very healthy pets.

Solutions for Cats to Eat Individually

There are some solutions to feed the cats without having to share the same bowl of food at the same time. Here are some recommendations that can be put into practice so that pets have a better coexistence and a balanced and healthy diet.

  1. Keep the Zones And Bowls Separate

The ideal is to feed them in separate rooms, if not possible, separate them with barriers, such as barriers for small children, or place doors with an entry for cats in several rooms of the house so that they have options in different rooms at the time of eating. It is essential that when you have small kittens to feed them separately and monitor them from adult cats since they can scare them and prevent them from feeding properly, this also applies to older or sick cats that need special feeding. You should pick auto cat feeders for your cat in affordable rates.

A great idea is to build a special place or food station, with thick cardboard or wood or any available material, with an entrance so that only one of the hungry cats can access, inside you can place the bowl or an automatic catcher inside of the station. Make sure that the place only has room for one cat.

  1. Regular Schedule for Each Meal

It is necessary that this habit is created among pet owners; once they have fed the best is to throw the rest of food so they do not continue to feed during the rest of the day and will suffer from overweight. A schedule allows you to regulate the amount of food you eat during the day, so you will maintain a weight suitable.

  1. Place an Automatic Dining Room to Feed each Cat Selectively

It is one of the best alternatives to feed properly and individually to each cat. This automatic feeder allows regulating mealtimes, quantities, and with the latest models in the market these feeders, allows the cat to eat selectively through a collar with an RFID microchip technology, there are several options to choose in the market currently, among them is the Surefeed microchip pet Feeder. The device works by RFID radio technology, this keeps the lid of the dining room closed when the cat with the microchip approaches it identifies it and opens the lid, allowing the cat to eat quietly.

Another of the dining rooms that acts in a similar way is the PortionPRO RX, it also works with RFID technology and is ideal for the felines that are being harassed. This equipment allows the assigned cat to go without the collar so that it can be programmed openly, the cat that does not have to eat will have the collar on, when the door slides for the harassed cat to eat, and the cat approaches with the This necklace will close. This automatic dining room is not free nor acts by gravity; it is designed to feed the harassed cats.

The wireless Winker, is another of the automatic canteens for cats that acts by gravity with RFID technology, has two transparent doors with food for pets, each cat will have a collar, and each time they approach only the lid programmed with their name It will open, and you will welcome each cat by name.

All these equipment are very useful and give many advantages to the owners of the pets, allows them to feed in a more controlled and healthy way, and gives more independence to the owners and also to their pets.


Feeding pets especially cats are more delicate than you think, especially if they are more than one; we must take into account that they are very independent and territorial animals and their place to feed should be comfortable and safe for them, taking care of each one’s space, so that everyone has a balanced diet.

There will always be a more dominant cat that tries to scare others and will want to eat all food by itself, in which case all the necessary precautions must be taken so that the most vulnerable eat the proper rations and prevent the strongest one from keeping the greater ration.

It is important to highlight the nutritional needs of all individuals, small kittens should eat more protein to grow healthy and older must have special food. Taking care that everyone receives adequate food is important for those who love their pets so that everyone will have a happy and harmonious coexistence in the home, including pets.

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