Having a Litter Box for large cats is essential to keep spaces free. Pets are an important part of their owner’s lives, and they deserve to have all the best to be comfortable. Technology has come a long way, so you can have a litter box that is easy to clean.

Cats are the cutest and most adorable pets you can have in a home and are easy to feed. There are many breeds of cats that can be ideal for making your days full of special moments. Large breed cats require a litter box with more space to relieve themselves.

A well-educated cat knows exactly where to defecate, so you will have no problem training it and getting it to use it correctly. If you want to make your life more practical, you should choose to buy boxes that are automatic to facilitate the cleaning of these. You no longer have to worry about cleaning the litter box because the automatic ones have self-cleaning systems.

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Why Do We Need an Automatic Big Cat Litter Box?

Best Litter Box for Large CatsThe priority offered by automatic sandboxes is that the entire cleaning process is not done by you. Although you love your pet, annoying odors are usually a big problem when you use conventional boxes. Cats mostly adapt to automatic mechanisms, and it is safe for all cat sizes.

All automatic sandbox designs prevent the sandbox from leaving the box and spreading dust. Removing dust from your home from your to-do list is a huge necessity. All large cat owners need an automatic litter box to facilitate the cleaning process and odors.

One of the best advantages of using an automatic litter box is that you will not have contact with the poop. A large majority of automatic boxes use sands that completely absorb the bad smells of defecation. The advantages of using an automatic litter box are as follows:

  • Easy to use
  • Cat comfort
  • Technology to avoid contact with waste
  • They are automatically cleaned
  • You only have to remove the trays after several weeks.
  • Control of your cat’s bowel movements.

Top 5 Best Automatic And Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Large Cats Reviews

Let’s start review of the five best automatic and self-cleaning litter boxes for big cats.

1) PetSafe PAL00-14242 ScoopFree Litter Box

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It is a litter box that is automatically cleaned for a long period, so you do not need to collect or recharge. The system is because Crystal sand does all the hard work for you by dehydrating waste. Having a PetSafeScoopFree litter box is spending a lot of time without worrying about your cat’s urine or feses.

If this is the Self-Cleaning Litter Box for Large Cats, unlike other automatic litter boxes, it has enough space to educate your cat easily. Smells are a thing of the past with the PetSafeScoopFree box because they are hardly removed as your cat defecates.

It has a cover that protects solid waste so that it is not spilled by sudden movements of the cat. Because large cats tend to have a larger volume, the box provides more spacious dimensions. You will never have to go through the unpleasant odor that cats give in bowel movements because you will never have to see them.

The tray is a disposable type, so it is a great job for you to have to wash any resulting odors. The tray is spill-proof, preventing a quick cleaning, which also provides greater hygiene security. The best thing about PetSafe ScoopFree is that you don’t have to be filling the litter box for several weeks, making your time easier.

It is your job to love your pet and seek the greatest security for it; that’s why PetSafe ScoopFree is for you. You need to combine the box with the glass sand for better odor control. It has safety sensors to ensure that the tray only comes out when the cat is out of the box.


  • Tray Type: Disposable
  • Type of sand to use: Crystal Sand
  • Approximate cleaning time: 20-30 days for one cat / 10-15 days for two cats / 7-10 days for three cats
  • Box dimensions: 27.4 x 19 x 7 inches
  • Brand name: PetSafe
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Warranty: 90 days / 1-year money back for parts or factory defects.

How to use it?

As described, you don’t have to worry about touching your cat’s waste as it is a quality self-cleaning box. The box allows no spillage to be found, so the sensor displays cat inputs at each bowel movement. The rake timer starts 20 minutes after you have entered the box to defecate the cat.

The steps of use are simple by placing yourself in the following positions:

  • Load the box and slide it into the disposable tray
  • Remember that the trays are full of glass sand to control annoying odors.
  • leave it in place
  • ScoopFree automatically drags debris into a covered trap
  • When you think it’s convenient, remove the disposable tray and put a new one


  • Easy replacement of disposable trays
  • Can change up to a month later if you have only one cat
  • The space is perfect for big cats.
  • You will not feel annoying odors
  • You do not have to wash the trays
  • Just remove the trays, and they will go straight to the trash.
  • No need to worry about urine when removing the tray


  • You must place orders to purchase replacement trays from a Petsate dealer.
  • It is limited for cats under six months

2) CatGenie 120 Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

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This is a great Self-Cleaning Litter Box for large cats with an automatic litter box. You no longer have to worry about keeping everything clean because the automatic sandpit rinses off the debris and keeps everything clean. Washable grain technology more meets the needs of cats by digging and covering after defecation.

Because it is a box designed for three cats, you can have the confidence that it is ideal for large cats. It is not very limited because it requires access to electricity to function normally, generating extra electricity consumption. You need to do a cold water installation to wash the cat litter from the cat.

All the CatGenie-891329001775 technology is well thought out for your cat because it has recyclable and biodegradable SaniSolution cartridges that are durable. This is a great investment that you will make for your cat, being able to wash the granule box without having to throw it away. The technological design of CatGenie-891329001775 makes it unique in the world being a box of high technology and innovation.

Forget about having to touch or change cat litter with this technology that protects your health and that of the cat. With CatGenie-891329001775 technology, you can remove cat litter shopping and cat cleaning from your list. CatGenie does not contain garbage, odors, or garbage of any kind because it washes.

The disinfection of CatGenie is done through the filter and gives you a guarantee for two years to guarantee its effectiveness. You can use it in your bathroom to make it easier to install where it is flushed down the toilet. You don’t have to buy extra parts for installation because CatGenie contains everything you need to make installation quicker.


  • Tray Type: No need for trays.
  • Type of sand to use: does not warrant the use of the area
  • Approximate cleaning time: the box does the cleaning process on its own.
  • Box dimensions: 24.5 x 19.2 x 21 inches
  • Brand Name: CatGenie
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Warranty: 2 years

How to use it?

Your home installation will only require the use of a wrench and pliers. Preferably it is necessary to do the installation in the bathroom or the laundry area. Once installed within your site of preference, you should change the supplies every three months, depending on the cats.

The steps to use it are as follows.

  • Connect with water
  • Connect to electricity
  • Place the activation of your preference
  • There are activations of 1:14, 2:14, active hours, 10 hours of sleep time
  • Each time the cat uses it, a ten to 30-minute delay is expected to clean.
  • Cartridge supply is for one year use
  • You can find other instructions for use in their manuals.


  • Does not need sands
  • No need for disposable trays
  • It is an automated system
  • It gives you freedom, so you don’t have to worry about changing them for several months
  • The price is completely proportional
  • You will never have to clean or have contact with your cat’s bowel movements.
  • Its technology is innovative
  • It has a recycling technology


  • The price is higher
  • Generates additional expenses in water and electricity consumption
  • It must be installed where there are a water inlet and outlet

3) PetSafe ScoopFree PAL00-15342

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It has a sand technology that completely absorbs urine and the bad smells caused by your cat in each defecation. Glass sand is designed to dehydrate waste by removing bad odors, so you don’t have unpleasant experiences. This Litter Box forLarge Catsreviews is perfect for you, so you don’t have to expose yourself.

You do not have to worry about touching the debris because the cover is designed so that this does not happen in any case. Thanks to the disposable trays, you only have to worry about replacing in the time that you see fit. It has a technology that allows you to follow your cat’s bathroom ideas, controlling her health at all times.

It has a rake to sweep the residues with which you can program three different time options satisfying your needs. You can control odors five times longer than conventional type boxes, so you don’t have to make constant replacements. You can be sure that you will not have unpleasant residues on your floor due to its anti-spill technology.

Don’t worry about cat safety. The box has sensors to clean only when the cat is out. The lining of the disposable trays is plastic, preventing waste from leaking out of the box. Because it has a lid, you don’t have to worry about contact with debris when making tray withdrawals.

The PetSafe brand is recognized in and outside of the US, making it easy to get disposable trays for replacement. The price of the PetSafe box is affordable, so you can make your big room have a proper bathroom. Don’t worry about tray replacement because it can take weeks to remove and place another tray


  • Tray Type: Disposable glass sand
  • Type of sand to use: the trays have glass sand
  • Approximate cleaning time: up to approximately 30 days
  • Box dimensions: 27.5 x 19 x 16 inches
  • Brand name: PetSafe
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Warranty: Not specified.

How to use it?

The use of this box is very simple; just follow these steps:

  • Place the disposable tray
  • Place the box on the tray
  • Schedule the timed time for cleanings
  • Remove the trays when necessary


  • It is easy to use
  • Does not require facilities
  • Leave your house free of annoying odors
  • You don’t have to worry about waste
  • It is affordable


  • You have to replace the trays
  • After some time you must buy additional trays

4) PetSafe ScoopFree PAL00-16527 With Glass Litter

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Glass litter technology is the most used when it comes to cat litter boxes. With an auto litter box for large cats as is, you cannot worry. You won’t have to replace the tray for several weeks.

Dust from conventional sands is no longer a problem because PetSafe provides 99% dust-free. With your purchase, you will get a litter box, garbage bag, litter tray, power adapter, and operating guide. The installation of the box is easy to do, which does not represent any danger or difficulty of installation.

If you are within the USA, you can receive support since the box is manufactured within the United States. PetSafe Scoop Free has similar components in its boxes, changing only a few features.


  • Tray Type: Disposable glass sand
  • Type of sand to use: glass sand included in the trays
  • Approximate cleaning time: every four weeks maximum
  • Box dimensions: 20.2 x 6.9 x 28.5 inches
  • Brand name: PetSafe
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Warranty: 1 year

How to use it?

Just install the box, and the rest is provided by the box technology. Every 20 minutes after using the machine cleans the residues with the rake


  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight design
  • Annoying odor free
  • Disposable trays guarantee cleaning after several weeks
  • With sensors that guarantee the safety of your cat


  • The price is higher than other designs of the same brand

5) Pet Zone Smart Cat Litter Box

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It is a box designed to be strong and highly reliable. it has robust metal gears in the drive train. Thanks to the powerful motor unit, it provides optimum performance to collect and dispose of your cat’s waste. Every time you do the cleaning process, you don’t waste sand, and it’s completely silent.

Forget about waste and disturbance in your house because its operation is 100% guaranteed. With the purchase of PetZone Smart Scoop, you get a month’s supply of 6 cartridges of plastic bags. The glass cartridges are ideal for cleaning without annoying odors.

Its technology is easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance with modular components.


  • Tray Type: no merit
  • Type of sand: no merit
  • Approximate cleaning time: until the container is full
  • Box dimensions: 26.5 x 16.9 x 7.6 inches
  • Brand name: PetZone
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Warranty: 1 year

How to use it?

You can connect and start using immediately without the need for cumbersome installations. Throw the waste in a bag when the container is full or when you prefer.


  • It has an intelligent sensor for cleaning activation
  • Does not endanger the cat
  • It is easy to use
  • Gives you the freedom to use for multiple cats
  • You don’t need replacement cartridges
  • Collect only dirty sand
  • Universal carbon filter keeps trash area smelling fresh
  • Saving in sands


  • It has limitations for cats younger than six months

Things to Know Before Buying the Automated Large Cat Litter Box

When buying an auto litter box for large cats, it is essential to take into account the following aspects:

  • Size

When you have a large cat, it can grow over time, so the dimensions of the box are essential. You have to make sure that the box you use is at least 1.5 times bigger than your cat. A Litter Box for large cats should be longer than conventional litter boxes.

The cat must move or turn if it wants during the defecation process, so it deserves more space. All cats like to dig when they need to, and a properly sized box gives you more confidence.

  • Quality

The quality of the box is what determines the time of use and the affordability of its original price. The higher the quality of the box, the more you pay for it when you buy it.

  • Weight

Depending on the cat’s weight, you should choose an Litter Box for large cats. The box should give people the flexibility to move it around if necessary or take it to other places. Although the box is light, you can get one that is of great quality to support the prisoner of the cat.

  • Waste Storage

When you opt for the purchase of an automatic litter box, you want to have the sand replaced every month. Depending on the type of box you buy, you can forget about odors and the amount of waste for several weeks.

  • Sniffing

You can completely forget about having to catch bad cat urine odors with an automatic litter box. The only contact to take into account when buying a box is that you do not have to perceive unpleasant odors. When choosing an automatic box, ensure that it has as little contact as possible with the waste.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • What type of litter box should I buy?

The AutomaticLitter Box for large cats with glass litter technology is ideal. The price and maintenance of this box make it eligible.

  • What is the largest cat litter box?

The PetSafeScoopFree PAL00-16527 Cat Litter Box is the largest by size.

  • How often should I clean my cat’s litter box?

It all depends on the size of your cat and the type of litter you have in your home. It can last even a month without having to change the sand.

  • What is the best self-cleaning litter box for multiple cats?

PetSafeScoopFree has good stable technology, and its products are originally from the USA. You can choose from any of their models.


Automatic litter boxes for large cats are designed to meet the needs of busy people. In general, automatic boxes give you more freedom to take weeks without worrying about removing waste. With the reviews of the five best automatic boxes for big cats, you can choose the best one. Check out more about best cats feeders.

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