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The Petnet Smartfeeder is a pet dining room that comes under the best cat feeders and it allows you to set a schedule so that they are fed with the appropriate amount. The distribution of food occurs at scheduled times through smart mobile devices or other household equipment, this way they track the feeding of the pets, the amounts of appropriate food and at the established times. Pick timed pet feeder for your cat.

It is very useful for people who work since they will not pay attention to the feeding of pets, even if they arrive late from work or from any other place.

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Petnet Smartfeeder (2nd Generation) Review 2020

The Petnet Smartfeeder 2020 review is a very useful device and with the latest technology applied for the correct feeding of pets, its operation is due to the configuration of the feeding device to the Petnet application to a smartphone, later this will ask, fill out the profile of the pet asking for information such as race, size, age, and level of physical activity; later the Petnet will indicate, the type of feeding, portion and suitable frequency with which the pet should be fed.

Once the equipment is configured, the owner can trace the animal’s daily feeding, even if it is outside the home, from Google home, or from the phone, without counting other advantages that this feeding device will give pet owners. You can see another option PetSafe 5 Meal Cat Feeder for your kitty.

Petnet Smartfeeder Features

The Petnet Smartfeeder revision 2019 has innovative features in its functions to continue consenting to all pets in homes.

Among its main functions, is to be able to control the rations of the pet’s daily meals from anywhere, at any time, by using the iOS or Android smartphone. Due to the use of wi-fi, it only requires a 2.4 GHz router.

Customized portals As it has personalized portals, the Petnet, indicates by means of the data provided during its configuration, the food portions indicated for feeding the pet according to its race, age, sex, and activity.

Recent Alerts: Each time the pet has been fed on his mobile, and the amount he has ingested, in this way the owner constantly monitors the feeding of his pet.

Safe and Easy to Clean Design: This Petnet is designed to last a long time, has a lockable cap for pet-proof, the container for food, the metal bowl is fully suitable for use in the dishwasher, its portion wheel is durable. The material is of good quality, which guarantees a durable device.

Unlike other models, the 2019 second-generation automatic feeder works with Alexa. google home nest cam. The owner of the pet can use voice command to see how much food the pet has left, watch it eat and dispense the food.

These are the functions of the Petnet Smartfeeder (2nd generation) automatic pet feeder 2019, the advantages are innumerable, although it may also have some counter.


  • It allows keeping an exact control of the amount of food that the pet should eat daily.
  • When searching the Petnet SmartShop you can find innumerable recipes to feed the animal correctly, calculating the appropriate dose, according to the breed, age, weight and activity of the pet. In this way, you will be sure that you are feeding the animal correctly.
  • With the configuration of the Petnet application, you can monitor and control the feeding of pets, from anywhere. Owners can feel more relaxed knowing that even if they are not at home, their pets will receive the food at the right time, and with the exact portion.
  •  In case of failure of the internet Petnet Smartfeeder stores the food portions, also has a backup battery that lasts up to seven hours.
  • Give pet owners more freedom to take more time away from home, without worrying about feeding their pets.
  • The pet will be able to control the weight and will be healthier.


Its disadvantages are practically nil, but a disadvantage could be:

  • If the interruption of the internet lasts for more than 10 hours, the pet will not receive the food on time.
  • Only works remotely with the use of wi-fi
  • If the animal does not want to eat even if the food is given at the exact time, this leaves the control of the owner and Petnet.
  • They are only recommended for pets up to 60 pounds.

What’s new in the Second Generation of Petnet Smartfeeder?

One of the advantages of this new model is that it has a greater integration with smart mobile and home devices.

With the use of wi-fi, the owner can connect to the assistant of google home and Alexa Amazon, to track the feeding of his pet, watch him eat and supervise his rations from anywhere. Using the voice command pet owners can deliver food, receive notifications of the last time the pet is fed, and even see how much food is left. Thanks to the google assistant. It has a backup battery, in case the internet service is interrupted.

It also has a more attractive and elegant and compact design, with changes in its design has improved the Petnet Smartfeeder functions. The lid makes it impossible for food to be handled by pets. The added sensors make it possible to control even more the amount of food that is supplied to pets.


The Petnet Smartfeeder review 2020, is more adjusted to the needs of both pet feed, as well as those of their owners, this innovative automatic pet feeder, allows to have more controlled the feeding of pets, educates the owner of the pet about how it should be fed, nutrients, portions and daily frequencies. It allows having greater independence both the animal and the owner, as this allows you to have more time to do your daily chores, go anywhere without having to worry about feeding your pet at the time since he can control it at a distance.

Pets must be very spoiled, but at the time of eating their food must be balanced and the Petnet Smartfeeder of generation 2019 allows access to Petnet SmartShop to receive the appropriate recipes to feed pets properly. The owners of the animal could be overfeeding it without knowing. In this way, he educates and learns more about the nutritional needs of his companion animals.

There are many advantages offered by the food dispenser of the 20202 generations. The technology integrated into the Petnet allows taking full control of the feeding of pets, freedom, and independence for both the owner and the animal. They deserve to be well spoiled and loved. On the web, you can find this new Petnet Smartfeeder 2020 of generation 2019, with very affordable prices, and cheap for pet owners, they deserve to be in good hands and be well fed. This innovative food dispenser contributes to maintaining a good state of health for beloved pets.

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